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Nov 14, 2006 06:17 PM

best coffee beverly hills

alright guys, who makes the best cup of coffee around beverly hills? i like espresso drinks, esp. lattes. any recs?

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  1. Sure, Peet's on South Beverly Drive, between Charleville and Gregory, east side of the street, next to Koo Koo Roo, parking in back.

    1. When I picked up a bag of freshly dark-roasted beans at Graffeo (which are great!) I grumbled that I wish they sold coffee by the cup. The clerk recomended an Italian cafe nearby (whose name I forget - sorry) that uses Graffeo beans. The coffee was good but the guy in a suit with expensive reptile skin shoes and no sox gave me a pile of attitude! It's been a while so I can only suggest that if nearby, ask the Graffeo clerk for a rec. They are friendly, knowlegable about coffee and may have a good suggestion.

      Sometimes I get a large to-go cup of Italian dark roast or a cappacino (and a pear tart) at Il Fornaio - also good.

      1. so the coffee around the corner was lousy?

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        1. re: logan

          No, actually the coffee was pretty good. The attitude stunk! All I can suggest is asking the Graffeo clerk where they serve their coffee in the area.

          1. re: sel

            oh ok thanks. i'll try that today!

        2. I had the best latte at Coffee and Donuts.

          1. i'm kind of obsessed with Euro Caffe for espresso drinks -- tiny italian place with really great espresso (and also really delicious croissants). it's on little santa monica, between camden and rodeo.

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              is this the little cafe with all the soccer paraphenalia on the walls?
              if yes, this place is very very good. great macchiatos.

                1. re: tannazie

                  i agree. if your serious about espresso, nothing in BH comes close to the euro caffe.

                  1. re: tannazie

                    Their espresso is excellent at Euro Caffe. my only complaint is that depending on who is at the machine, they do not consistently heat up the cup before pulling the shot.

                    1. re: ostudio

                      weird. i always see lots of slick looking europeans sitting out front, but i always assumed it was either a secret mafia meeting place or a hangout for car salesmen.