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best coffee beverly hills

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alright guys, who makes the best cup of coffee around beverly hills? i like espresso drinks, esp. lattes. any recs?

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  1. Sure, Peet's on South Beverly Drive, between Charleville and Gregory, east side of the street, next to Koo Koo Roo, parking in back.

    1. When I picked up a bag of freshly dark-roasted beans at Graffeo (which are great!) I grumbled that I wish they sold coffee by the cup. The clerk recomended an Italian cafe nearby (whose name I forget - sorry) that uses Graffeo beans. The coffee was good but the guy in a suit with expensive reptile skin shoes and no sox gave me a pile of attitude! It's been a while so I can only suggest that if nearby, ask the Graffeo clerk for a rec. They are friendly, knowlegable about coffee and may have a good suggestion.


      Sometimes I get a large to-go cup of Italian dark roast or a cappacino (and a pear tart) at Il Fornaio - also good.


      1. so the coffee around the corner was lousy?

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          No, actually the coffee was pretty good. The attitude stunk! All I can suggest is asking the Graffeo clerk where they serve their coffee in the area.

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            oh ok thanks. i'll try that today!

        2. I had the best latte at Coffee and Donuts.

          1. i'm kind of obsessed with Euro Caffe for espresso drinks -- tiny italian place with really great espresso (and also really delicious croissants). it's on little santa monica, between camden and rodeo.

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              is this the little cafe with all the soccer paraphenalia on the walls?
              if yes, this place is very very good. great macchiatos.

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                  i agree. if your serious about espresso, nothing in BH comes close to the euro caffe.

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                    Their espresso is excellent at Euro Caffe. my only complaint is that depending on who is at the machine, they do not consistently heat up the cup before pulling the shot.

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                      weird. i always see lots of slick looking europeans sitting out front, but i always assumed it was either a secret mafia meeting place or a hangout for car salesmen.

              1. just called graffeo... you can't go anywhere that they just serve up a cup, you have to go to one of drago's restaurants... booo...

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                    I was going to raise that myself--meaning Urth Caffe. It is on Beverly Drive, and also not too far away on Melrose just east of Robertson. I know the place can be really annoying (because of some of the customers), but the coffee is great. I used to go every day but am way too far away now. I stopped in last week while I was in the neighborhood and my husband got his beloved Spanish latte (easy condensed so it's not too sweet) and I got my Italian Cappuccino fix. Yumm.

                  2. LOVE URTH CAFE!!! wonderful coffee and i love the oatmeal cookie as well, i also love peets coffee on beverly drive but if you are in the area, may as well pop on over to urth, i love the beverly drive location and its a lot less crowded most of the time than the melrose outpost, defininetly worth checking out!

                    1. Urth Cafe is a scene and the delivery of its coffee is inconsistent at best. If you have one of the focused and professional baristas, you have the opportunity to get a delicious, well-drawn shot with the possible delight of well-steamed milk, topped off with pretty good renditions of latte art.
                      If you get one of the less professional baristas, or worse yet, one of the staff who don't really care for, nor have a passion for coffee, then you may get a very close equivalent to dirty water.
                      The two biggest problems with coffee quality (well, there's MANY problems) are exposure to light and oxygen. Urth Cafe consistently over exposes their beans, which is a shame, because they have potential. Just look at the clear, glass jars...tsk tsk tsk.

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                        Agree to some degree but on most of my recent visits (always to Melrose), I have lucked out. Also, I would give my right arm to have an Urth equivalent in my 'hood. We have lots of other offerings in the Los Feliz/Silver Lake area, but properly prepared cappuccinos/lattes are not among them.

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                          Thanks for this post. I've had one drink at Urth, and the espresso was very burnt tasting. I hadn't written off Urth completely, but wasn't eager to return. I'll go again when they're less busy and see if I can get served by a barista.

                        2. You might want to try Fratellis on Canon just south of Brighton on the east side of the street. And while you are there, you must try the apple fritter-absolutely worth every calorie.

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                            Yup Fritelli's for the coffee; had a pumpkin crumb dougnut there on special also very good.


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                              owner used to be in the coffee biz and they have their own blend. pretty good and knowledgeable baristas.

                          2. I think Anny's Coffee - on Robertson, at Gregory, makes the best lattes I've had in L.A.

                            1. I'm not a coffee-drinker, but my mom loves the coffee at La Provence (I love the croissants).

                              La Provence Patisserie
                              8950 W Olympic Blvd Ste 110, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

                              1. My wife loves the coffee they serve at BreadBar.

                                1. I really love the coffee (especially the basic coffee) at LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN (little santa monica & bedford.) They also have really great cream for the coffee.

                                  1. Hi! I just had an espresso at MrKicco on Wilshire Blvd, next to Subway...Delicious!!! And their panini are absolutely amazing! I highly recomend this place! By the way...if you are around this coffee shop, try their cannoli!!!