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Nov 14, 2006 06:17 PM


Where is the best place to go for Oysters in Toronto?

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  1. Oyster Boy is my "go to" oyster bar. They are located at Queen and Crawford. Very relaxed environment, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

    They always have a good selection of oysters. The cooked food is okay. But I usually just get oysters and a side of fries.

    It's also a great place solo dining spot.

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    1. re: cookiebaker

      I agree with Oyster Boy. Adam supplies oysters all over and is definitely knowledgeable and passionate!

      1. re: Food Tourist

        Oyster Boy gets my vote.

        Adam is a true gentleman. He knows how to run a great place, and he cares about his customers. And, the ersters ain't bad neither! (They're great).

    2. I quite like Starfish at 100 Adelaide (east)

      1. If you are lucking to buy oysters to take home and shuck yourself, I LOVE Diana's. They have a huge selection of oysters that are some of the best I've eaten (raw, obviously). They'll even let you try'em. Look for belons!

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        1. I was at Oysterboy last night and had some stunning oysters...

          Saying that, I was at Starfish last Monday and Patrick put together some wonderful plates of sea urchins and oysters... beautiful!

          1. Slightly OT, but do any of these places ... please don't throw things at me ... serve deep fried oysters?

            Not sushi-style kaki fry, but beer-battered and deep fried a la a good Kiwi chippie?

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              Don't know about deep fried but I have a passion for very simple panfried oysters and usually end up buy oysters at Bill's Seafood at Broadview and Gerrard and cook them myself.