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Where is the best place to go for Oysters in Toronto?

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  1. Oyster Boy is my "go to" oyster bar. They are located at Queen and Crawford. Very relaxed environment, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

    They always have a good selection of oysters. The cooked food is okay. But I usually just get oysters and a side of fries.

    It's also a great place solo dining spot.

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      I agree with Oyster Boy. Adam supplies oysters all over and is definitely knowledgeable and passionate!

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        Oyster Boy gets my vote.

        Adam is a true gentleman. He knows how to run a great place, and he cares about his customers. And, the ersters ain't bad neither! (They're great).

    2. I quite like Starfish at 100 Adelaide (east)

      1. If you are lucking to buy oysters to take home and shuck yourself, I LOVE Diana's. They have a huge selection of oysters that are some of the best I've eaten (raw, obviously). They'll even let you try'em. Look for belons!

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        1. I was at Oysterboy last night and had some stunning oysters...

          Saying that, I was at Starfish last Monday and Patrick put together some wonderful plates of sea urchins and oysters... beautiful!

          1. Slightly OT, but do any of these places ... please don't throw things at me ... serve deep fried oysters?

            Not sushi-style kaki fry, but beer-battered and deep fried a la a good Kiwi chippie?

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              Don't know about deep fried but I have a passion for very simple panfried oysters and usually end up buy oysters at Bill's Seafood at Broadview and Gerrard and cook them myself.

            2. Dunno about deep-fried oysters _ never run into one in TO _ but I'd second Starfish.
              Can I just say how interesting it is that Rodney's has fallen off the list?

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                Not off my list. I love Rodney's and still frequent it. I love their seafood chowders always chockful of fresh never overcooked chunks of the sea. Their oyster selection always consists of a very satisfyng range and the servers are attentive and into their job. The other bonus is their fabulous fries.

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                  My hubby had a business lunch there and swore that he would never go back. He feels really let down because this was a very important VIP but the service was not stellar at all. He says the dishes came intermittently and not in any order. Plus, the server just put them down in the middle of the table and walked away without a word. The first time that happened, the 3 of them thought it was an appetizer so they all shared it. However, it was actually the main for the VIP!

                  So after all that, we'll just stick to Starfish plus we have to try Oyster Boy.

              2. Starfish!!! Awesome oysters and delicate fish dishes all in very subtle lean brothes or sauces.
                And dependinfg on what your in for you could the 100 for 100 dollar deal, you don't get the choice of oysters but their malpeqes are super fresh. Enjoy!

                1. im throwing my vote in for starfish. they're consistently fresh and delicious and while they can be expensive i find them worth every penny.

                  i will give oysterboy a billing, but i have issues with eating their oysters in house. flecks of shell studding the fresh meat plus a slashed up presentation has me taking their shuck-u in a couple weeks so that i can just pick up their goods and do it up myself. speaking of which, if you're going to purchase your own oysters to shuck, you might as well get it straight from the likely source... oysterboy.

                    1. For me (a pauper with princely tastes), I go to Big Daddy's Crabshack across from the Roy Thomson Hall. During their happy hour (from 10pm on weekdays and from 4pm on Sundays) they offer 5 oysters for $5.99.

                      Sure they're just small malpeques but they're always fresh and sweet and if you're lucky, you get the slightly briney ones. Yum yum.

                      1. i go with STARFISH as well...oysters are money, cooked dishes are consistently good and changing, and it's worth going just for the oyster stout (brewed for starfish with their oyster liquor) and the caesar (with homemade clam/tomato cocktail and a fresh, raw clam)

                        1. Thanks to everyone for their great reviews. My husband and I chose Starfish based on the number of reccomendations that were given. Our experience last night was so enjoyable that I thought I would post it to give this restaurant their dues.

                          We went for our anniversary last night, without reservations and sat at the bar. We told the waiter that it was our first oyster experience and he sent the shucker over who pretty much took care of us all night- he was very informative and answered all of our questions.

                          We ordered two appetizers, the scallops and the calamari, both were excellent! The scallops had a were in a very tasty orange and honey sauce, and the roasted garlic with the callamari was very good.

                          We each had nine oysters, on of all the "different" flavors that was reccommended and a plate of malpeques so that we could try the oysters with the differents sauces, etc. They were wonderful, and we are considering a move to the East Coast just to have access to more oysters!

                          We shared the flourless chocolate cake which my husband loved, so decadent and a very nice way to finish the meal.

                          Our bill...under 40 dollars!! (as you can tell they comped a few things, which was very generous) We were incredibly floored, and really appreciated the great service and the attention that they paid to oyster virgins.

                          Sorry for the long review but I thought that this restaurant deserved its due.

                          PS We overheard the staff talking about using Chowhound!

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                            that sounds amazing! glad to read you had a great time. i've put this place on my 'to go' list. btw, how did you end up getting stuff comped? i always wonder about that, because it never happens to me.

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                              All that for under $40! Incredible. I went to Rodney's once and will never go back. It was outrageously expensive (and I wasn't even the one paying). Plus the service was lousy. Never again.

                            2. I wasn't sure about mentioning the comped stuff, but did since it showed the attentiveness of the staff to the customers and their dining experience. How did we do it...

                              Maybe he was having a good night, we did ask a lot of questions and really enjoyed the oysters, we mentioned that we are students (often that implies a student budget).

                              I also sometimes find that when you are willing to splurge and enjoy the meal (ie. seem willing to part with every hard earned dime for a good meal) restaurants appreciate that and try to add to your experience....

                              Even without the comps the meal was a standout favorite among the Toronto and Ottawa establishments we have tried in the last year (Lee, JKWB, Sweetgrass)

                              1. Yes - mentioning the comped stuff could be a problem for some who never seem to get anything comped for them...without finding something to complain about! I've been to Starfish many times, have NEVER received anything for free, but have LOVED each and every experience there. It's not inexpensive, but it is certainly value for money! They use good quality ingredients, the food is expertly prepared & well executed -
                                the menu changes quite often, so there's always something new and different to try - and the wine list quite extensive and not a bad mark-up either (I'm a sommelier, so I always make note of these things!). All things considered, we never get out of Starfish for less than $160 for the two of us. Is it worth it even at that price, without comps? YOU BET! We were there the other night and had Antarctic Char - who's even heard of Antarctic Char? Not us...but it was amazing!!