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Nov 14, 2006 06:03 PM

Mac N' Cheese

What are the three cheeses typically used in macaroni and cheese? Cheddar and...?

Any simple baked macaroni recipes would be greatly appreciated. I can whip up a stovetop version with a cheesy roux sauce, but it's been quite awhile so I'd appreciate the help.

I found a lot of cheddar-only recipes, but I'd like to use at least three cheeses.

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  1. I like adding some monterey jack because it melts well and then some parmaggiano cheese for some tangy bite.

    1. Swiss or if you can afford it, Gruyere. Mmmm....I just made mac and cheese with chicken and swiss chard last week. There is a good recipe in the Gourmet cookbook, if you have it, but I don't use heavy cream - I use 1/2 and 1/2 instead - and I agree using three cheeses, or at least two, is better. I added the chicken and chard to their standard recipe. Also, use panko instead of bread crumbs for the top, or a mix of both.

      1. I use cheddar and Gruyere. I've been thinking about adding in some type of blue cheese but have yet to try that.

        1. Gouda is a really good one too, but i second the Gruyere.

            1. re: coookie

              I second taleggio. That stuff is amazing!