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Nov 14, 2006 06:01 PM

Decadent dish at Opus... Holy Cow

So last night I worked late and was in the area so I decided to drop by Opus to eat dinner at the bar. Had a couple of bottles of wine with me... yes, I always carry wine around... you never know.

Hadn't planned on doing a large tasting menu. Figured I'd ask to see if they could just make something for me 3-4 courses. Sat at the bar, opened my wine and asked if they could do a few courses that would pair well with a California meritage ('99 York).

Had several dishes that were great, soup, amuse, etc... but the two really big rich savories merit comment.

First one - GIGANTIC piece of pork belly with on top of a mountain of really great, slightly crispy carnitas. WOW. Serious pig. Sauced well. Loved it.

Second one - More than a little crazy. HUGE New York Steak... the ENTIRE steak... at least 14 ounces, very possibly a 16 ounce steak. Sliced. On top of a fist+ sized portion of sauteed crispy sweet breads... wait, there's more... on top of the steak were two very large slabes of seared foie gras. DUDE. What the heck? Someone could get hurt here.

Needless to say, it was great. The carnivore in me left very happy and overly sated. Yes there was dessert and other courses. So much for my plan of having a light meal at the bar... :).

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  1. WOW, that sounds great! Guess it's about time to go back for the 6 course + wine pairing again.

    I don't believe anyone's posted anything negative about the spontaneous tasting menu from Opus yet.

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    1. re: zack

      i have said it before and i'll say it again. the dishes just didn't wow me. trying too hard to be experimental and sacrificing simple things like flavor (had several pieces of flavorless meat). also, they started us off with three fried things in a row. not the best intro. one looked- and tasted - like a tater tot. some of the wines were good but others were pretty pedestrian. i really wanted to like this place too. a friend went back and had a similar experience a couple months after mine. it's really too bad. he has good idea.

      1. re: Baby Ruth

        I agree with you Baby Ruth. Had the 6-course tasting menu about 2 months ago.
        Two courses- I ate 2 bites. and the desert was plain awful.
        I too wanted to like this place esp. after reading all the chowhound praise.
        I thought I just went on the wrong night.

    2. Nice meal! How much did that set you back?

      1. I did the 6 course tasting menu, but I had them consolidate some of the courses, so instead of the 8+ courses you normally get when ordering the 6 course tasting they consolidated some stuff to make a couple of really big courses. The 6 course tasting menu runs $60.

        It's a bummer that Baby Ruth didn't have a great experience. I will have to say that my experience has differed, and the flavor profiles I've had there have been really good. The chef there definitely does do some cool experimental things, and I like the risk since it really gets some good food going. IMO.

        1. woo, what did you have for dessert anything really interesting?

          i guess from now one i'm not ordering off the menu, i've heard so much about the fried sweetbreads and it sounds really great.