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Nov 14, 2006 06:01 PM

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers -- Huh?

Is it possible that this small chain has NEVER ONCE been mentioned on (Or is it the usual crappy performance of the site's search function?)

According to their website , they have 50+ locations, most of which are in the Louisiana market (based in Baton Rouge). I see that there's one being built at a busy intersection in Apple Valley, MN.

I checked out the web site and thought I was having some kind of computer error when I clicked on the menu. After seeing they serve chicken fingers (surprise, surprise), I was repeatedly clicking the "reload" button waiting for the rest of the menu to unfreeze. There was none. You can order chicken fingers. Or...chicken fingers. Oh the kids menu does have a good selection fingers. To be completely fair, they also serve crinkle cut (blech) fries, cole slaw and Texas toast. But for the most part, you order anywhere between 1 and 100 chicken fingers, fries, slaw and toast. Different marinades or flavors? Nope. Original or extra crispy? Uh uh. Spicy or mild or Italian seasoned or BBQ or curried chutney stuffed?? No. Variety of dipping sauces? Nope. One item. One recipe.

Their web site makes claims of marinating never-frozen chicken tenderloins, frying-to-order and the best dipping sauce ever known to man. All in an employement culture of fun, music and dancing (the employees that is). A google search produced a handful of business articles about the concept and a couple of ho-hum blog reviews claiming bland, yet positively tender chicken fingers.

But I just keep circling back to my original thought...a restaurant exclusively about CHICKEN FINGERS?!?! Frankly, I'm confused by this.

What's the deal Chowhounds?

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  1. My guess is it has never been mentioned. There is not much worth mentioning. I took my children to the Raising Cain in Flowood, MS just outside of Jackson. We went ONCE! The chicken and sauce were bland. The crinkle cut fries were greasy. I did not see any employees dancing or having fun. There are other better options for fast food chicken --- Zaxby's, Chick-Fil-A, Popeye's.

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    1. re: Sister Sue

      Thanks for the report!

      As they seem to only have one kind of dipping sauce, what flavor is it?

      1. re: Bad Sneakers

        The sauce is quite good. It's served cold and has a creamy texture, tangy flavor, and a very peppery taste. Although it does contain a lot of pepper it is not spicy or hot.
        If you don't care to try it, they also have their own version of Honey Mustard.
        Both sauces are made fresh at each location and packaged in small plastic souffles with lids.
        Having worked for this company, I can tell you that the chicken is in fact never frozen and it is marinated for 24 hours. The lemonade is also freshly squeezed each morning. The only thing kept frozen are the extra long crinkle cut fries that are sort of on the thinner side of life. The toast is made from pull apart loaves rather than pre-sliced because its fresher. It is buttered on one side with garlic butter but you can order a B.O.B toast (buttered on both sides).
        The chicken is very juicy and tender. I would recommend it if you have never tried it. I know that it is a bit odd that all we have is chicken but we take a lot of pride in our chicken and our goal is to serve you a quality chicken finger meal.

    2. I went to LSU in Baton Rouge and this is college kid/drunk/hangover food. I gained nearly 15lbs. my freshmen year. i don't know how the franchises are, they were only in baton rouge when i had my bender. the sauce is sort of a spicy thousand island and now they offer the chicken fingers on a sandwich i believe. i always thought it was awesome but I stay away from it now that i have FINALLY lost my college weight.

      1. Well, thanks very much for this. Christmas Day; all stores closed; all restaurants closed. Wife and I have been sick and decided to just go to Picadilly instead of trying to cook. Wrong! Picadilly closed also!

        Hmmm-mm. Unopened bag of chicken fingers in the freezer; date OK; let's do that.

        Sauce? Nada.

        On a lark, I decide to search "dipping sauce" and got many hits; so I decided to add Guthries to the searcha and found several interesting threads. This one is a winner!

        If you like Guthrie's sauce, you will like this recipe. The paprika is important! Also, don't be bashful about the black pepper. We like coarse ground pepper most times, but this one needs regular [McCormick's] ground pepper. Isn't it amazing how expensive pepper is?

        Anyway, when he says cover surface and mix in, you should do just that! I covered, but just lightly and mixed it in -- three times. The final analysis when we used it? Could use a bit more pepper.

        Cover it with pepper; stir it in. Repeat. Repeat.

        I was not able to let it sit but for just over an hour. I think it will improve. I had plenty left over and I'll try it again tonight or tomorrow.

        To whatever extent this recipe misses being "Guthrie's," it need offer no apology.

        Great job! Many thanks for this one which goes into "the book."

        Season's Greetings,
        Chuck (Wetumpka, Alabama)

        1. I also went just one time when they opened in West Monroe, Louisiana. For serving just one item I was not impressed. I also really dislike mayo, so I didn't like the sauce either. I did see an interview with the owner. Seems like a nice guy, very inspiring, just not enough for me to return.

          1. The one time I ate at Raising Cane's in Houston it was absolutely vile. No redeeming qualities about their "food" whatsoever. The chicken fingers were WAY overcooked (in old oil) and the gravy was disgusting. Never again.