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Tea Party for 7 year old

My daughter is turning 7 next month and I would really like to throw her a tea party kind of birthday. I want the whole thing, the chairs, table, and cups/saucers, kind of an English vibe. You get the picture. She likes that kind of things. Where can I go to have it done? We live in La Mirada, close to Knottā€™s Berry Farm. I would like cookies, pastries, maybe sandwiches. It will probably be for 4-5 girls around that age.

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  1. You know, I recently went to something at one of those "places" and having done so, I strongly recommend you just do it yourself, especially with such a small number of girls. It will cost you less, the food will be better and you can have much more fun.

    The one we attended had really dreadful food, no scones, mismatched place settings [and not in a cute way--some of the girls had mugs with smiley faces instead of cups and saucers] and given the cost: YIKES!

    With that few kids, you could hit some second hand places for the cups and saucers and let the kids take them home as a souvenir. And you could make lots of yummy scones and clotted cream, maybe some fruit compote.....

    something to consider.....

    1. I was on a mad search for Tea Houses last night as well but more for me and not for a child. :)

      I came across this website http://www.teashops.net/menu.html
      that seem to have a cute selection of choices for children although I agree with the above poster that it may be more fun to create your own. Tea & Tea Cups Tea Room is located in Yorba Linda.

      1. Disneyland used to do a fantastic Tea Party complete with Mary Poppins. Great for little girls. I think they may have stopped this production recently, you may want to call to see if they still have it.

        The "Practically Perfect Tea" offers three seatings each Saturday: 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 3 p.m., and two gatherings on Sundays: 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. Tea is served in the Tea Room at the Disneyland Pacific Hotel, 1717 West Street, Anaheim, CA 92802. Reservations are encouraged, and validated parking is available.


        Adults: $22.50

        Children: $13.50

        Reservations should be considered essential

        Call (714) 781-3463

        1. And for something more ostentatious: there's always American Girl Place at The Grove in West LA--a long drive for you, and it can be expensive ($18pp for the regular tea, $30pp for the "birthday package", and $60pp (!) for the "deluxe" birthday package), but it's brand new and all the little girls we know are agog about it. (Not sure you can escape the store without buying a doll; luckily, we have a son so we're safe!)


          1. I have the perfect place: OLIVIA'S DOLL HOUSE in West Hollywood. It is like an enchanted cottage, and the girls play dress up with all clothes provided. The ladies do their hair and nails, and then tea/lunch is served. Party favors are in a beautiful treasure chest that they provide, and bday girl gets a gorgeous doll. My daughter had her 6th bday there. It was fantastic.

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              Cupcake, do they have a website? How much was it per girl?

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                OMG that sounds SO fun, can I come ;-)

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                  I have only been to the thousand oaks one, and yes the dress up appears fun, but the food looks terrible! there's no cake provided (I remember only cotton candy and some other candy, but I can be wrong), some little cut-up hot dogs -- really kid food, not really "tea food". the kids do have their own little tea pot w/ juice, so that is cute. The party favors are cheap junk. that given, my 5 year old had fun and wants to have her next b-day party there.....
                  and there is a website, do a goodle search for olivia's dollhouse and you'll find it.
                  Oh! I had no idea this string was so old .....

                2. There is an Olivia's Doll House in Tustin near Christakis and the Tustin Brewery [17th and Newport?]. I don't know if it is affilliated. It looked cute from the outside, but was closed everytime I was nearby [weekday lunchtime]. Here is their webiste:

                  1. There is an English Tea Shoppe in Santa Monica a few blocks from the Promenade... you can combine it with a trip to the Pier & the museums in Downtown L.A.?

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                      you mean The Tudor House. Last time I went, my friends and I thought it was the cutest thing when a dad came in tow with four little girls -- his daughter and her friends. :)


                    2. I originally thought it has to be near La Mirada, which limits your options...

                      Another thought is you can do an outing to Huntington Gardens at Pasadena. There's a teahouse there. The food there is decent, somewhat casual, and it's a buffet, so the kids can pick and choose what they want to try.

                      You have to pay admissions to get in though.

                      But the nice thing is they have a children's garden, a japanese garden and a glass house that kids seems to enjoy. There's also a chinese garden being built (having check it out yet).

                      1. Thanks everyone, i checked out the site for Olivia's Doll House and i think i might stick with that. It looks really cute and fun for her and her friends. I am even excited!!! =-)

                        1. We went to a party at Olivia's Dollhouse last year and I must say, it was underwhelming. The place is OK but very small so keep that in mind, it's best if kids are dropped off and a minimal number of adults stay. The staff were not very friendly. The dress up dresses were OK, rather mediocre. It was fine but for the prices they charge and how far you will travel, I think you should host your own party. That is what I am planning to do for my daughter's birthday this year. A friend also threw a party at Olivia's Doll House last year and she was very unhappy with the experience. She ordered a huge fancy cake and the staff would not let her serve it, you are limited to their cake only and there is only enough cake for the kids so adults don't get any. I suppose she should have checked with them to make sure she could bring a cake but it was not very flexible of them.

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                            I just went to the Olivia's in Newhall for my neices 8th birthday and thought it was great. It's not a proper english tea --crustless sandwiches and pizza slivers, with lemonaid in pretty tea cups. But the dress up was great. There was just one staff person for the 8 kids. She did their makeup, hair & nails, helped pin/fit the dresses if necessary, organized a quick fashion show (including a photo of each girl). The girls loved it. There were just four "parents", and they had carrots and pretzels and iced tea for us. Dessert was a small cake to blow out the candles (and then take home), what the girls actually got was a plate with a piece of some other cake, and an assortment of maybe half dozen kinds of candy -- which they just loved. We never felt rushed, but it seems like the place has the party plan down to a science. In the end the girls get to pick a take away out of a treasure chest. Not sure of the cost, but I have to say it went super smoothly, even with just one girl running the party. The place is wall to wall with stuff for the kids to look at, touch, buttons to press -- a lot to keep the kids busy, while others are being made up.

                          2. Seems like you've found your place, but for future -- another interesting place is Sweet Divas ( http://www.sweetdivascakes.com ) in Brea - a very cute cottage that's close to the Brea Mall.


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                              I pass by that place all the time. From the outside I just dismissed it as a folksy place.

                              So are the food there any good? Especially the cakes? Prices seems a tad on the high side for tea.

                            2. I know this is really late but for future reference or for another reader that wants the same. Try www.agaperabba.com and go to the tea page. Party planning that will set up the entre tea for a small party GL and hope your daughter had a great party!

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                                Another one for future reference for somebody looking for same thing, we just had my daughter's party at another place - Fairies and Dragons Parties, www.fairiesanddragonsparties.com and it's by far the best there is in LA where dress up parties are concerned. Their costumes are absolutely gorgeous, the location is like nothing you've ever seen - magical, stuff and the owner are super friendly and helpful, the whole experience is just wonderful, My daughter is 5 and for the past 2 years everyone we know have been doing dress up parties, so we've been EVERYWHERE and this one is the best! And everybody said that. Just a perfect party, and we had a range of ages as well, from 3 to 7 at our party, and they all had fun.

                                Childrens Birthday Parties By Fairies & Dragons Parties
                                16733 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA