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Nov 14, 2006 05:43 PM

Eggless Eggnog?

My older sister (an eggnog addict) is pregnant and bemoaning the fact that she can't have eggnog this year because of the egg yolks. Does anyone have a good eggless nog recipe?

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  1. Try using vanilla-flavoured soy milk - it already has a thickness to it, so the consistency should turn out well.

    1. the only eggnog recipe that I have (and the only one worth drinking in my mind) offsets the eggs with several pints of hard alcohol. I would think that the risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome makes the egg risk negligable.

      If you are used to buying store-bought, I would bring the eggnog up to a safe temperature (160 degrees or so), strain it and chill it. That might get the job done.

      1. you can buy pasteurized eggs that should be safe, or you can innoculate eggs yourself. I read how in my "Cookwise" book but don't remember the specifics right now. Something bring the eggs up to 145 degrees in water and hold it there for a few minutes.

        Store-bought eggnog is probably already pasteurized.

        1. This is not a recipe but a reccomendation; give Silk's 'Soy Nog' a try. I actually like it better than regular egg nog which is too sweet for my tastes. I wish it didn't expire or else I would buy a truckload to last me the year.

          1. It's only RAW egg yolks she can't have, right? She's not avoiding all products with cooked eggs in them? The eggnog you buy in cartons won't have raw egg yolks-it's all be pasteurized (heck, even JUICE is pasteurized these days-there's no way anyone would sell eggnog with raw eggs). You don't need to heat up store bought eggnog again.

            The FDA site has a bit about eggnog just for general holiday food safety:

            "Traditional eggnog made with raw eggs is a common one. Fresh eggs may contain bacteria that can cause an intestinal infection called salmonellosis. Cooking can destroy the bacteria. Safe alternatives are the pasteurized eggnog beverages sold in grocery dairy cases, although they, too, should be kept refrigerated."


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              Agreed. No reason to avoid it if it's store bought. She or her doctor should know that.