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Nov 14, 2006 05:25 PM

Lunch on sawtelle near Nuart ?

any ideas for a nice lunch near the Nuart on Santa monica and Sawtelle.....

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  1. sushi? many places-- kiriko, hide. basic lunch: sawtelle kitchen. Orris, i believe, is open for lunch.

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    1. re: epop

      If Orris is open for lunch -- and I believe it is not -- it would have a menu limited to sandwiches and salads. It's definitely not the Orris menu.

      For $29.50, you can have the high-end sushi omakase at Kiriko -- soup, salad, nine pieces of top-notch nigiri, blue crab roll, and homemade ice cream. It's not a cheap lunch, but it's a great deal. Kiriko has other lunch specials, but that is my favorite.

      1. re: epop

        Kiriko is one of my favorite sushi places. Sawtelle Kitchen is still closed for renovation.

        Other good options on Sawtelle nearby are Blue Marlin, Hurry Curry, Chabuya, and Mishima. On SM Blvd, Le Saigon, Isakaya Sasaya, and Terried Sake House.

      2. New Japan across the street is not bad. I've only been there for dinner tho but they have good combos.

        1. 2117 makes a nice lunch. They serve fusion food.

          1. I second 2117. I've had several fabulous meals at lunch there. Great daily specials and reasonably priced given the excellent quality and creativity of the food.