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Nov 14, 2006 04:56 PM

Wine recommendation from this list

Hello all - I'm going to Oliveto in Oakland tonight for a truffle celebration dinner. The list leans heavily toward Italy and I'm a bit out of my element, so I'm looking for suggestions. You can see the list here:

I am much more familiar with California and France and favor the Rhone-style varietals (particularly Syrah) as well as Cali Zin. I am hoping for a primi of simple pasta or risotto with a heavy shaving of white truffle, then probably lamb or beef main. I'd like to keep it under $80 or so. Thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. For special dinners, Oliveto usually has a short special list of wines available by the glass, carafe, or bottle, often including some things not on the regular list.

    The classic pairing with white truffles is a Barolo or Barbaresco with a few years of bottle age.

    1. I've had good luck at the Oliveto special dinners letting our server pick glasses that match each course. I plan to do the same for the truffle dinner.

      1. I'm leaning toward the Bricco Manzoni 1999 or MAYBE the 1998 Fratelli Barale barbaresco - if you go chianti classico, tend toward a 2000-01 and decant

        1. As Robert said above, Oliveto's usually has a short list of older wines available that do not appear on the web, and are often available by the glass or bottle. Barolo and Barbaresco are generally the best (i.e.: most classic) matches, but who knows what will be available on the "short list"?

          I'll be there Friday, so whatever you do, save some for me!

          1. Since this is a Truffle-Emphasis dinner, go with the two greatest "truffle grapes": Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo.

            The list features both Calif and Oregon Pinot Noir from the 2004 vintage which was a bit better in Oregon so I'd favor those. In Nebbiolo there's quite a few YOUNG '99 and '01 Barolos that will be interesting eventually but I think might be a bit youngish at this point....

            SO... my picks on this wine list would be:

            Pinot Noir, 2004, Freja (Willamette Valley Oregon)
            Pinot Noir, 2004, Ponzi (Willamette Valley Oregon)

            Barbaresco, 1998 Barale. A good Piedmont Nebbiolo in a great year.

            Enjoy and please report back!