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Nov 14, 2006 04:47 PM

Tangerine (Great Neck) now Mama

Just noticed that Tangerine (Asian tapas bar) which opened this summer has already been replaced by another Asian restaurant - Mama. A quick look at the menus posted both on the window and outside showed that it's another sushi bar also serving other types of Asian food, primarily Thai. Was wondering if anyone has been there yet? Any feedback?

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  1. I just noticed it too. I liked Tangerine, although I only got to try it once. The concept was better than the food, although the food was pretty good, and given some time I think it would have improved and been a good alternative to the other places in town.

    I'll post once I try Mama -- you gotta love the Eiffel Tower in the window!

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      I also liked Tangerine,and like you only got to go one time. I guess that was one of the reasons they failed, even people that liked the place did not go often enough.