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Nov 14, 2006 04:40 PM

New restaurant in Watertown - Grappa

Drove by today, I think it used to be Villa Cantina. A little tiny place on Elm Street, next to Watertown Mall.

Looked to be still under construction. Front painted black and purple. I couldn't see the entire sign but I'm pretty sure it said Grappa.

Anyone know anything about it?

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  1. That place is really a restaurant? I've seen the Villa signs for years, but it looks like somebody's house, always seems to have construction materials out front, and never seems to be open. I'll have to drive by and see if there's a change.

    1. I drive by this every two weeks. In the last 60 days there has been a lot more activity and it seems to be making progress towards being a restaurant again. As the original poster mentioned they do have the sign up, but it still looks like they have a ways to go. In some cities you can get information about work permits and license transfers on the web, but Watertown's seems to be too far out of date to have any info.

      1. I peeked in the window today and it looks like they're all set up. I saw menus and wine lists by the door, a bar stocked with glassware, and fully set tables with fanned-open napkins, bottles of sparkling water, and salt and pepper shakers. There was no one there (unsurprising for early Sunday afternoon) and no phone number, hours listing, or any other indication of whether/when they're open. Very mysterious.

        1. FWIW, they were serving last Wednesday with waiters dressed in black, etc. Could even have been a soft opening and no more info on the menu, but for those curious you might pass by there.

          1. Anyone eat here yet? I was planning to go tonight.