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Nov 14, 2006 03:48 PM

Bob Mervine, Anything new and good in the Deltona, DeLand,Orange City Area ??

Once again I'm headed from NYC to my son in Deltona for thanksgiving and a
birthday celebration. Last year you indicated that this area was a wasteland
insofar as real good restaurants are concerned. Has anything changed since then ?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Nothing major that I am aware of, but perhaps those closer to the action might have some advice.


    1. That's a bit west for me, but my co-worker lives in Orange City and has recommended Scorpio's in Deltona. (Caveat: I think his wife's friends with the owner. But other West Volusians have mentioned it to me too.


      If you search this board for DeLand there are several recent threads that name a bunch of places there.

      This area seems not so much a "wasteland" as a mostly undiscovered place. DeLand especially, which has a pretty cute little downtown, might be your best bet for higher-end dining. Most county seats also tend to have amazing breakfast places close to the courthouse, where all the lawyers and judges eat. ;-)

      But there being a large Hispanic population in Deltona, I'm thinking there might be some little-known Puerto Rican restaurants tucked away in there as well.

      If you find a great place, or even something to avoid, please let us know! :-)

      1. Thanks for your posts.
        I certainly will check out Scorpios and report back as well as anyplace
        else I can discover.

        Does anyone else know of worthwhile places in this area?

        1. Covvert Ops - Bob:

          Just had a call from my other son who is flying in from SF to join us.

          Hr'd like to know if there are any good Chinese and/or Crabhouse in the area?

          If not, where are the nearest ones?