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Pies to order - Phoenix, Tempe area

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Can I get some good recommendations for a place to order a pumpkin and apple pie for Thanksgiving. I work in the Biltmore area and live in So Tempe so I need some place close by. Thanks!

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  1. Karsh's Bakery at the NE corner of 7th Street and Missouri has great pies. I'm not a pumpkin fan, so I don't know about theirs, but their other stuff is top notch.

    Other ideas include:
    AJ's -- valleywide
    Le Grande Orange -- 40th Street and Campbell

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I have had great luck ordering holiday pies from Wildflower -- there is usually an apple, a pumpkin, and a nut pie to choose from and they are all impressive. There's two locations in south Tempe.

      1. Thanks for the idea for Karsh's since it's right down the street and I was going to get my rolls there. I've never noticed pies on previous trips. (I, too, dislike pumpkin so I can't bring myself to make one). I called LGO but their's are $24 ea. which is hard to justify with a currently out-of-work spouse.

        Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

        1. If you do go to Karsh's pick up a few rugalach too, wow, they are delish!!

          I figured LGO would be a fortune. I remembered a friend said she had a slice there a few days ago and called her for her opinion. She said she didn't care for it. It was too light and mousse-y (is that a word). So, no loss for $24.

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            I just got back from Karsh's where I ordered a pumpkin and dutch apple pie. They're $7.25/ea. I'd rather get carried away on my wines than pies anyday. I'll also try some of the rugelach and thanks again for the idea.

          2. You guys are making me hungry with all this pie talk! I've seen a place called Pie in the Sky up in North Scottsdale on TV before and their pies looked to die for. But haven't had the chance to try them. I think a trip to Karsh's might be in order, I'm craving pie now!

            1. We had Pie in the Sky pumpkin pie last year at the in-laws' for Thanksgiving. Yummy stuff!!

              They also make a killer chicken pot pie.

              1. I have had the deserts from LGO, made by the Tammy Coe Bakery, and I thought some of them were wonderful, and some not so. I felt the cakes, though quite beautiful, were not worth the price. The pumpkin pie is quite good though, as are some of the other treats (like the ooey gooey cupcakes). The cookies are also just OK. The Tammy Coe website is http://www.tammiecoecakes.com/

                1. Those ooey gooey cupcakes are so darn good. They're a problem for me, because I can just make myself sick. The minis are a perfect sweet bite.

                  I love the cakes, but you have to like fondant, which I generally don't, but Tammie Coe does a great job with it. The layer of butter creme under the fondant makes it lucsious. I also find that the TC cakes serve WAY more than suggested. For example, the small cake for $28 is a suggested cake for 6 to 8 slices. I can serve 12-15 people. It's so rich, you really don't need a large slice.