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Nov 14, 2006 03:42 PM

What is a good thanksgiving bring-along meal?

I'd like to bring either a side dish or dessert to thanksgiving this year, but want to make sure that whatever i bring will travel well and need only be reheated. Any suggestions?

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  1. Nobody ever thinks of salad at Thanksgiving. They are welcome freshness and do not take up precious oven space. I particularly like spinach salad with fruit and other goodies.

    Otherwise you should ask your host what he/she wants you to bring.

    Wine and pre-sent, already in the vase flower arrangements are ALWAYS welcomed.

    1. I second the salad idea, especially the fruit take. We all get some version of the cranberry relish, but another fruity relish is nice as well. Maybe a orange/blood orange/pomegranite seed/onion combo in a vinaigrette? Nice at room temp, so you don't have to worry about cooling it for a longer car trip, and no heating necessary.

      Or (and this I love, since it's usually my last thought) a really nice loaf of bread. My usual suspects, at least, love sopping up gravy, and some interesting artisanal loaf might make a nice gift, and a change of pace from the dinner rolls.

      1. I think a nice salad of romaine and a variety of baby greens, walnuts, chopped fresh pear and some crumbled blue cheese with a white balsamic vinagrette would be great. Of course, transport the dressing separately and toss right before the meal.

        1. I fourth the salad idea. I just brought a warm winter squash 'salad' to a party and it was a huge hit and the perfect time of the year for this dish. Plus no need to reheat there.

          I grilled the veggies since it was not raining that day but you can roast in a v. hot oven instead. The key was microwaving the sliced squashes until nearly soft (not all the way cooked), then toss in the marinade before grilling/roasting. I used delicato squash (no need to peel), acorn (yes need to peel; easier to peel after microwaving), peeled sweet potato (NOT the orange thing, which is really a yam). I added red bell pepper for color. After grilling I brought it to the party and tossed with a bit more of the marinade, sliced fuyu persimmons, and pomegranet seeds. I'm going to do the same for Thxgiving at my MIL's.

          1. I usually offer a slaw of various vegetables (including savoy cabbage, at its peak in the markets now), which can be salted down, rinsed, drained and bagged (salting down means it will stay crunchy once dressed); on T-Day, cut a corner off the bag and squeeze off the remaining liquid before dressing and serving.