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FYI- Miguels Stoweaway Closing Church Street Location

A coworker was to attend a holiday event there but was just informed that Miguel's was closing up shop. Wasn't open too long I don't think-

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  1. I saw the sign on the front today. That was very quick b/c I think it opened at the beginning of this summer, right?

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      Hmm...I'm not surprised. We went there once and had a mediocre meal. Prices were high too. Felt the same about Rosita's on Shelburne Road which has also recently closed...expensive and not that great.

    2. Not surprised either, although I thought being on Church Street would be their saving grace. Heard they had mediocre food and horrendous service. Guess the location wasn't enough to keep them in business.

      1. parkway diner going away too...

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        1. Parkway is closing? Any details?

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            What town are you talking about?

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              South Burlington. The Parkway is on Williston Road, near the airport.

          2. No kidding?! I didn't hear that! :( My husband and I love it there... it's always quite busy, too...

            1. I just found out what's happening with the Parkway, for those who are interested.

              The guy who owns the land isn't going to renew their lease. Thrifty car rental is next door, and they are going to expand. The diner is most likely going to move to New Jersey or Conneticut, but the waitress I talked to wasn't sure.

              They are closing in March. Everyone that works there has been there for YEARS. It's a fun place to go, and I'm really going to miss it.

              1. Hello, I'm new to the Burlington area (and Vermont)and new to Chowhound. My boyfriend and I were upset to hear about Rosita's closing (we ate there on a pretty much weekly basis!)and now that Miguel's is closed, we are at a loss to know where to go for good, authentic Mexican food, which we desperately crave. Does anyone have suggestions? I didn't think Miguel's was that good, but we did like the chile rojo and chile verde. Thanks!

                1. We like Roque's (spelling?) at the foot of Main Street. I'm not a Mexican food afficiando, but we like it.

                  1. I've never had good, authentic Mexican food in Burlington... Roque's is good for more Tex Mex... like BM said, it's alright, but not authentic by any means. What a bummer... :(

                    1. Though we live across the street from the former Miguel's location - we rarely went...WHY? Shockingly expensive prices for mediocre Mexican food - we were always unhappy with the food/price/service experience. What IS VERY unfortunate is that Miguel's helped drive out COYOTE'S CAFE on CHURCH STREET - also mediocre mexican food but NOT over priced! We really need more restaurants in Burlington!

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                        The greatest difficulty I've had in moving from Chicago to NYC and then to VT is the complete lack of decent Mexican food. I was spoiled in having the ability to throw a stone and 4 out of 5 times hit a decent Mexican joint in Chicago. Maybe we could take up a collection to sponsor a decent Mexican chef to move to Vermont with his or her family and setup shop.

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                          And over in the Mad River Valley, back a year or two ago, Mad Mexican & Rositas (former location) both disappeared. Perhaps VT just doesn't have the mexican customer base.

                          That said, I wouldn't consider Rosita's to be authentic Mexican food at all. Even still, it was a nice addition to the Mad River Valley when it was there just to change things up.

                      2. I'm from Philly originally and though I am loving Vermont, I really miss my Mexican food (and my Indian food).... I'd chip in to import a good Mexican chef! I'll give Roque's a try. I've also heard about a place called Mexicali on the waterfront, has anyone been there?

                        I'm also teaching myself to cook some relatively easy Mexican dishes to tide me over until my next trip to Philly. My boyfriend and I joke around about opening up a Mexican/Indian/Thai restaurant/gelateria. Doesn't sound like silly idea now!

                        1. Vermont seems to be very culinarily challenged on many fronts as is evidenced by Olive Garden winning Best Italian Restaurant in the Free Press. Are you kiddin' me or what ?? Finding a decent pizza is almost as hard as finding a Chile Relleno in the Green Mountain State. I know Bove's is a local institution but that Ragu over pasta that has the firmness of oatmeal is no bargain at any price. And here is a question: why do all the local pizza places parbake the crust for their Sicilian style pizza ?? It makes an awful product and if they are trying to save time, they might want to turn the temperature up which will also create a crust with some texture and actually give the cheese some color beyond snow white ! Don't get me wrong, there are some great restaurants here. You just have to know where they are and get your fix for ethnic dining when travelling elsewhere.

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                            Don't complain too much. Living in the Upper Valley, Burlington is a huge step upwards from our ethnic food choices.

                          2. I hear ya, it's all relative to our current situation. However, it is quite humorous to read some of the NYC boards complaining that there isn't a decent pizza in the city. I've eaten my share of pizza (NYC and Vermont) and I have to wonder about those comments !

                            1. Mexicalli is in Williston in the Taft Corners Shopping Center. I've never been, so if you go, please post a review.
                              TonyO, have you tried the pizza at Good Times Cafe in HInesburg? The Cafe Special is our favorite. They also have some other dishes that are wonderful, including their Chana Masala. The place is a gem, and relatively unknown from what I understand.

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                                Mexicali is OK. They precook a lot of their food (meats, chicken) to quicken service times at the expense of quality. I have never had anything great there but they are inexpensive, quick, and friendly. I think it is best as a appetizer / drink place after work.

                                I have yet to try Good Times in Hinesburg. My favorite pizza around here is Junior's (Colchester), Mimmo's (Essex Jct.) and Marco's (they have great lunch specials like a Chicken Parm w/ Coke for $4.00 that can't be beat) and have two locations (Williston Road and Shelburne Rd). Nicco's makes some interesting super thin crust pies but are a little too thin for me. Thanks for the Good Time rec.

                                P.S. Mexicali moved to Maple Tree Place (near Nicco's and the theater)

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                                  Tony, you've gotta try Good Times. Really good pizza, but (I think) really expensive. A small specialty pie is upwards fo $15, but good for a treat. My new fave is what I think they call Jody's Special. Sounds a little weird: jalapenos, capers, and pepperoni. Odd combination, but oh so good! And another recc. for Marco's. They have delicious sandwiches too on homemade ciabatta bread. The small's are huge, makes two meals for me!

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                                    Tony0 - Check out today's (11/30) issue of the Burlington Free Press in the Weekend section. There is a good write up about Good Times.

                              2. Was not aware of the Mexicali move. Thanks for the tip. Marco's is my 2nd favoirte pizza place.

                                1. Agree on Marco's sandwiches. The best deal around especially if run as a lunch special. I'll try good times and post my comments.

                                  1. TonyO, maybe that Free Press readers' selection says more about the quality of the readers than it does about the availablility of good Italian food. In many categories I've always thought polls relied more on popularity than on perfection - take a look at the numbers of cars at any Olive Garden at any time!

                                    1. Agree, Injun Joe... I stay as far away as possible from both (the Free Press and the Olive Garden, lol.)

                                      The best New York-style Italian in Burlington is Junior's and Marco's... I've heard there's another good place in Winooski too, but I can't remember the name...

                                      1. In Winooski, it would likely be Papa Frank's. The key word at Papa's is CHEAP ! You will never get a great meal there but the price to value ratio is strong. It is basic red sauce Italian, no frills or surprises. Do not look for Osso Bucco with a bottle of Barolo here ! But if you want ziti with meatballs and garlic bread for around $6.00, this is the place for you.

                                        I agree on Junior's and Marco's and have heard Donny's (Winooski ?) makes a decent pie. Junior's prices have steadily increased putting them in the same price level as L'Amante and Trattoria Delia both of which are finer dining with better ambiance IMO.

                                        Pass the sports page, I'm heading to Olive Garden for the Tour Of Italy ! (maybe at gunpoint.........).

                                        1. Mexican in Burlington? I have heard or seen on line that there is a La Carreta Mexican restaurant on Shelbourne road. I am a huge fan of La C- it is a small family chain with places in Nashua, Derry, and Manchester, NH. Try it and report. It is by far one of the best if not the best in Northern New England. There is a neat little place in Northampton, MA called Veracruzana that is good, but no table service.

                                          1. I've been to La Carreta (now called El Mariachi, I think.) Gorgeous, fun interior, but the food was nothing to write home about, in my opinion. :(

                                            Tony, YES! Papa Franks... that's it. I've had several old timers tell me it's great... clients I've worked with who are definitely on a budget... I suspect it would be a great place to bring a family.

                                            As far as Juniors goes... I think it's okay if their prices have risen... the food is fresh and delicious. I really think it's a different kind of Italian... New York style Italian, which is different from L'Amante or the Trat. I suppose it's what you're in the mood for, I guess!

                                            1. Junior's does have some nice NY style pasta dishes and the portions are ample (and dinners include a salad which is becoming a rarity these days). I also find their simple dishes like fried calamari and pizza to be done the right way. It must be Frankie's NY transplanted skills ! I think you may find Papa Frank's more like Bove's: mass produced marginal food served with a local style all it's own. Not great food, but I support them as they make the world a more interesting place compared to Taco Bell and Olive Garden.

                                              The EL Mariachi location seems to have the kiss of death since Jake's closed. The Italian restaurant that occupied the space briefly was one of the worst restaurants I have ever eaten in (can't recall the name). The same seems to go for the spot on Shelburne Road (near Pauline's that houses Bangkok Bistro). How many places have come and gone at that location ???

                                              1. Mariachi gonzo. Closed last week.

                                                1. Like I said, the "kiss of death" ! I wish someone would open a real BBQ joint there. What truly wonderful food that is when done properly. Maybe the guys from Dinosaur BBQ(Syracuse and NYC) will expand..................

                                                  1. I'm with you TonyO....a good BBQ place would be a great addition to the area.

                                                    1. I noticed there is one in Ferrisburg in the old Burdick's diner building. I din't smell smoke so I don't have high hopes ! There is nothing quite like a slow smoked beef brisket with an ice cold beer. It just screams God Bless America !

                                                      1. About 10 years or so ago, there was a bbq ribs place/diner (can't remember the name). I ate there a few times, it was really good (although I never had the bbq). Alas, that too had it's demise with the rest of Shelburne Rd. cuisine to be razed to become a gas station!

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                                                        1. I arrived just as it was closing. Hopefully another will make the scence asit is sorely needed.

                                                          1. Everyone might be in luck! Just read Seven Days this morning and Souza's is moving someplace closer to town and a bbq joint is opening in its place. Can't remember the details, but they have a restaurant in Hartland, and are opening one up here. I think it opens mid-March-?

                                                            1. I'm glad to hear it ! When it is 10 below in January, it's really a drag to be outside stoking the mesquite smoker ! I'm suprised Souza has lasted this long. The prices are quite high (even if it is "all yo can eat". My guess is that it get's a lot of one time traffic and some like the novelty.

                                                              1. We went to the new Zen Garden (it took over the Rosita's spot behind McDonald's) in hopes of finding decent, or maybe better Chinese food. Unfortunately, it was by far the worst I've ever had (yes, worse than mall Chinese). I had heard a rumor that it was opened by the Koto owners, but it's actually owned by a New York/Boston chain, according to our server. The hot and sour soup was literally cold (my guess is it wasn't microwaved long enough - it certainly hadn't come off the stove) and lacked any flavor, just an overwhelming corn starch feel. The entrees were so equally bad that we left after one bite. It's hard to believe that Chinese food could be this bad.
                                                                I guess this is just one more of those Burlington locations where restaurants go to die.

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                                                                  If I'm correct, the New England Steak House which took the place of Cactus Pete's before Rosita's opened, was a Koto project.

                                                                  FYI- El Mariachi is dunzo.

                                                                  Z Pizza, Shelburne- ditto- dunzo.