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Nov 14, 2006 03:11 PM

oysters in london.

where is the best place to go?
I've tried them in the fish cafe in soho (can't rmemeber where exactly) and they were delicious and came with a really nice shallot vinagerette. also tried them in chiswick high road brasserie and was really dissapointed.

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  1. 10 years ago I was reading a guide book in my Hotel room and I ran across this quote, "Some people say that Scott's has The Best shellfish of any restaurant in the world". Since I was staying right around the corner I sneaked in before dinner and had half a dozen. They were so wonderful, I went back the next day and had about 34 for dinner. It made the Oyster Bar on the first floor at Bibendum taste like garbage: you know the ones you have to put gobs of cocktail sauce and horseradish on just to hide the taste so you get them down! Scott's Oysters required just a dash of Vinegar & Shallots or Lemon Juice with salt & pepper to taste. Scott's was sold and the new owners have been refurbishing it and it's almost, or has, reopened. Will they restore their Oyster Bar to its former glory??

    20 Mount St., Mayfair, London

    1. Can you tell me where Scott's is located? Thanks.

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        While you were posting, I was adding (editing in) the address.

      2. What about Oysters at Harrod's? I saw a travel show that recommended oysters and champagne there as a real treat.

        1. does anyone knwo if the oysters at bibendum are any good?