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Nov 14, 2006 03:09 PM

decent lunch on USC campus?

Not looking for anything to write home about. Just a simple and well executed lunch.

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  1. Close to campus on Figueroa and 30th is La Taquiza. Good, cheap, filling Mexican food.

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      there's a decent roach coach hidden behind the facilities area across from the gym. they're only there during lunch time, and only facilities employees can use it the first hour - you'll have to check the time, but its open to all students and staff the rest of the time.

    2. Almost right darn cross the street is Mercado La Paloma... Lots of good grub there for the Taqueria and Chichen Itza! :)


      1. Chano's is never bad for a quick fix. However, I'd have to agree that La Taquiza is probably a bit better. Their sopes are excellent.

        If you don't mind driving into the ghetto a bit, head down Jefferson to San Pedro St, hang a left. A few blocks down on the left is a blue shack called El Cihualteco Taqueria. Their pura carne burrito is worth the trip - both into the hood and to the restroom afterwards.

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          I can't believe someone else rec'd El Cihualteco. I've been going there for over 20 years. I always get the carnitas con todo.

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            Also at that same left turn, there's a full-service Gallo Giro in the Mercado Numero Uno supermarket. They have very good tortas, aguas frescas. They have a tortilleria on the premises so their taco are good, too.