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Nov 14, 2006 03:05 PM

unsual cookbooks

anyone know of any good ones?

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  1. Can you be a little more specific?

    1. just any cookbooks with unusual recipes in it like the kind of food they would cook at el bulli or the fat duck but for less skilled people.

      1. You might try starting with Keller's Bouchon book. The recipes are doable but can be a bit of a reach for the home cook. I have looked at the Trotter books but decided that they were a bit too way out there for me to get interested in. That help?

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        1. re: Candy

          Isn't Keller's book recipes from his place in Napa? And aren't the recipes for clasic stuff like coq au vin, etc? How is this "unusual"? This isn't a snippy question, I really would like to know.

          1. re: oakjoan

            Yes a lot of it is classics but at a very high standard. It is not stuff you can whip up in minutes. The pork trotters I made from the book with the sauce Gribiche was about a 3 day process. Cooking from the book requires a higher level of skill than say the Les Halles book by Bourdain.

        2. Kitchen of Light is a wonderful new sacandinavian cookbook. A must!

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              This is either the greatest joke I ever heard or the weirdest book I ever heard of.