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Birthday Dinner - Midtown Toronto

My mother and sister are coming into the city on Wednesday and it is my BF birthday this week, so I thought I would combine both occasions with a nice dinner out. Live in the Yonge and Eglinton area but have car and will travel (nothing to far though). I was hoping to find a restaurant in the Yonge - Eglinton - Mount Pleasant - Davisville - Bayview area. I know there are a ton of restaurants in this area and I have been searching the boards, but can't seem to find what I am looking for.
Price range $15-$25 mains. I don't care about the wine list cause none of us drink wine. Sister is pregnant so sushi is out. I guess I am looking for a place with a great atmosphere with great food but not high priced. My family is from the Niagara Region so I would like to find a type of place they wouldn't find there. Although they never go into NOTL so it shouldn't be that hard to find in Toronto.

I thought of Quince after reading a bunch of reviews on the place, but I was not impressed with their menu. Nothing really jumped out as a 'wow I have to try that dish'. I remember a post a long time ago about a restaurant on Mount Pleasant, I think it was italian that I would like to try, but can't remember the name and can't find the post =(.
Pleae help me find a place. Also places with websites are great as I really like to look at the menu ahead of time (I am a really picky eater).
I welcome any and all suggestions even if it is a little outside of my area.

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  1. I would suggest Five Doors North: http://www.fivedoorsnorth.com/ The website doesn't list prices but I don't recall them being over priced.

    There's also Lolo on Mt. Pleasant. They don't have a website though.

    1. erm, not to be disagreeable but I wouldn't take my mum to Five Doors, and she's pretty cool. Grano? That's a nice family kind of place but service can be meh..food's not of the world or anything- oh what about La Vecchia?

      1. Weird...this is the second time I've mentioned Pallucci in probably as many days. Chill decor, well-priced and delicious food. Mount Pleasant and Davisville--I think the website was pallucci.ca (?). Decent for Midtown.

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          I found your other post and I looked up this place. The menu is looks great, especially the $25 pri-fixe (sp?) looks to be a pretty good deal. I was surprised that I could't find any other reviews on chowhound for this place.
          It is on my short list.
          Has anyone else eaten here before? Anyone want to give their 2 cents on the place.
          Of course other recs also still appreciated.

        2. If you like seafood, I can't recommend Zee Grill enough. Top notch food in a nice, but not stuffy atmosphere. On Mt. Pleasant at Manor.

          Zucca is also great for Italian.

          1. Try Camarri's (sp?) on Mt. Pleasant south of Eglinton, it is lovely.

            1. I ate there a few months ago - it was fine. The salad I had was nothing to write home about (it was expensive considering it was bagged baby spinach with a few random strawberries - they forgot the rest of the toppings!!) However, the rest of the meal was just fine. I think that my salad experience may have been due to the fact that I went on a dead Sunday night. There seemed to be only one person in the kitchen.

              I think you'll probably enjoy it.

              1. Positano on Mt. Pleasant is really good, not sure if they have a website. I've heard great things about Zucca, but haven't had a chance to try it yet myself. On the more "interesting" side, check out C-Food, on Yonge, north of Eglinton. Fun menu, food is good, but the place is small, so definitely call for a reservation.

                1. Zucca for sure. Jaipur Grille is good, if your family's into Indian. For a less formal, more boistrous environment, Grazie. For more adventurous eating, Cava at Yonge and St. Clair.

                  1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. We ended up going to Camerini's for dinner. It was between there and Pallucci, but we decided to walk and Camerini's is closer. I am going to start a new post and give my review, but I will say that the dinner was fantastic and exaclty what I was looking for.
                    If people do have more suggestions please keep giving them as I am always looking for places in eat in that area.