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Nov 14, 2006 02:30 PM

Where to find fried turkey near Cary NC


I'm looking for a fried turkey in the Cary/Raleigh area....don't want to risk setting the deck on fire doing it ourselves :-)



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  1. Fried turkeys can be ordered from Bojangles'.

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    1. re: Hushpuppy

      HI...I saw that mentioned in another post, but when I called Bojangles to ask, they didn't know anything about you know a specific Bo's that is doing this in the area? I called the one closest to us on Miami Blvd.

      1. re: ncbeargrrl

        The Bojangles' in Raleigh and Durham do not carry them. You'll have to go to the Triad or out to the Kinston/Goldsboro area.

    2. Not all Bo's do the fried turkey. If you go to their website there's a page that lists which Bo's have the turkeys. I seem to remember that the nearest one to the Triangle is either Fayetteville or somewhere closer to Winston-Salem.

      1. Hi. I'm in Rocky Mount. They have them here. I'm picking mine up today after placing my order a couple of days ago.

        1. I forgot to mention WHERE. Bojangles off of Winstead Avenue.

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          1. re: stemma67

            Dickie's BBQ at Crossroads is selling fried and smoked turkeys.

            1. re: blewgo

              So is the Dickie's at New Hope Commons in Durham.