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Nov 14, 2006 02:17 PM

Vegas Airport - One Night Only!

Hi all,

I have a 3.5hr layover at the Vegas airport on Friday, and I'm wondering if I'd have enough time to enjoy a tasty meal somewhere (outside of the airport) while I'm there. I don't know what the airport's proximity is to the strip. So, if anyone has any dinner recs for 1, either on strip or off (not too pricey), that would be within a shortish taxi ride, I'd love to hear them!

Thanks much.

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  1. The airport is very close to the Strip, and I think you would have enough time to go somewhere for a meal - maybe somewhere at MGM which is one of the closest, if not the closest, hotels to the airport - maybe 5 minutes away. Keep in mind that the security lines at McCarran tend to be lengthy, so leave yourself plenty of time to get back to the airport, and there are also cab lines at hotels but they move along quickly. As to the restaurant itself, I think you could eat pretty well at Emeril's New Orleans Fish House at the MGM - you can eat at the bar or in the bar area w/o a reservation, and it's not super pricey.

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      Interesting, thanks very much for the reply - I've heard mixed reviews about Emeril's, but will definitely investigate further. I looked up Lotus of Siam, and see that it's not too far either, but I'm slightly nervous about eating spicy thai before a long flight back east... now that I know the strip is close, I'll def be lookin into other options at close hotels. thanks!

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        Since you will be there on a Friday, keep in mind that the traffic on the Strip is basically gridlock. Don't go too far afield. The hotels look close together but they are humongous so the distance is greater than you think. Emeril's isn't my favorite food in Las Vegas by far but we still enjoy it from time to time, and the banana cream pie is to die for - the slice is enormous so you could take the leftovers on the plane for a snack.

    2. Unless you're into serious risk-taking, 3.5 hours is pretty tight, especially considering the long security lines, and the time you will need just to get from your arrival gate to a taxi, and to find your way from the front door of a place like MGM to the actual restaurant (not trivial). To avoid both street and hotel congestion, I'd consider some of the independent places near the airport. Table 34 is close. There are numerous possibilities toward Henderson, including Todd's, Koto, Ventano's, and others. But even Henderson is ify--you will probably have at best under an hour for actual eating, and clearly you would need to go somewhere you can be seated quickly.

      1. Just recently someone mentioned an Italian restaurant that was next to the airport that over-looked the runway. Sorry that I cannot remember the name but I looked it up on the net and it looked pretty cool.
        If Lotus of Siam doesn't work (it is off the charts good and I think you should throw caution to the wind about the long flight, and go!) I agree w/earlier posters about staying close on a Fri night. L'atelier de Joel Robuchon in the MGM may fit what you are looking for to a T. It is cool, very good and location is perfect for you. If you want a big hunk of Prime Rib that is delicious and not very expensive, try Sir Galahads in the Excalibur. I think it is some of the best in town. Security @ LAS is bad but remember, it is Friday night and people coming to town is the norm, not leaving so I do not think the security will be out of control like Sundays or Mondays. And since it is a layover, you will not have any luggage.

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          the restaurant overlooking the runway is Panevino. You can make a reservation and ask for a table by the window. At least you can get a view of the strip w/out having to deal w/ the congestion. Take the Sunset rd. exit from the should be able to bypass the NIGHTMARE on the strip on a Friday.

        2. Well, I"m not so into serious risk taking, and I agree it might just be better to go to a place off the strip - in which case, possibly Table 34? Would Rosemary's be a stretch? I know everyone says Lotus of Siam is out of this world, and I believe them - is everything on the menu that good, or are there certain dishes that top the charts? Last thing I want on an overnight flight is to be spending any time in the lavatory... ew.

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            LOS is a fair distance from the airport (city streets), and Rosemary's is a LONG LONG way. Basically, I'd say you'd better forget both of them. Among independents, Table 34 is the closest spot to the airport I know about which is frequently mentioned here as chow worthy. Some of LVI's suggestions above may be good, but I'd still worry about the time factor. For example, L'Atelier is great, but getting a quick seat on a Friday, even with a reservation, may be chancey.

          2. You folks are very brave! The last time we were in Las Vegas we stood in the security lines for nearly an hour(it was mid-day on a weekday earlier this year)! If you decide to try this make sure you check the convention schedules and that no big conventions are ending that day that may make lines long even on a Friday night.