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Nov 14, 2006 02:13 PM

Whitefish/Kalispel/Big Mountain...Good places for a dinner date

Look for a fun classy restaurant in the above areas. Going on vacation in early January out to Montana for the first time and looking for some place tasty to have a dinner date. Recommendations please!!

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  1. First of all, you are going to love the area -- I'm very envious...

    Some of my favorites include:
    Tupelo Grill (downtown Whitefish) - it is described as "continental cooking with southern flair" (you may think, "southern in Montana?", but trust me, it's good - the chef grew up in Louisiana)
    McGarry's Roadhouse (Whitefish) - here is where you will find steaks, seafood, pastas, & tasty house fries
    Truby's Wood Fired Pizza (downtown Whitefish) - exactly what it sounds like
    Buffalo Cafe (downtown Whitefish) - great breakfast spot
    Hellroaring Saloon (Big Mountain Village) - if you go skiing (which I'm assuming you will), this is the best lunch spot
    Great Northern Bar (downtown Whitefish) - fun place for your apres-ski beer

    I just reread your post and realized that you were only looking for a dinner restaurant, so I'd say Tupelo Grill or McGarry's. I left the other recommendations just in case. Have a good time!

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      Also if you are skiing up at Big Mountain the Kandahar Lodge is a great place to eat

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        The Polo Grill in Whitefish was pretty good the last time I ate there, but it was a couple of years ago. They have fantastic rotisserie chicken. Jane

      2. Thank you for all the suggestions!