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Nov 14, 2006 02:08 PM

Cookie that gets warm before melting in mouth

About 20 years ago, a foreign exchange student from Tokyo came over to the United States and with her, she brought some cookies that got warm in the mouth before they melted, almost like they had liquor in them. I don't know if they were a form of shortbread cookie or what, but was wondering if someone might have more information on these. Seems to me they were a thin cookie or wafer.

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  1. I know what I'm about to describe are popular in S. Korea, not sure about Japan, but are you thinking of Stroopwafels? A thin Dutch cookie? They're not exactly as you described. They look like a pizzelle, or a thin, thin waffle and inside is a sweet caramel syrup? Typically, you place them over a tea mug or a coffee mug for a while which heats the syrup and liquifies it, then you eat about 100 of them.

    1. Hi sweetamiga, just wondering, did you find the cookies?

      1. Thank you for the information about that wafel. It sounds interesting but no, it's not the same. There was nothing inside the cookie. I still think it was similar to a shortbread cookie that gets warm when it touches your tongue.

        1. That sounds like Japanese baby ball cookies. There might me a similar variation in a wafer. Hope that helps some.