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Nov 14, 2006 01:55 PM

Nashville: Near TPAC

I'll be in Nashville (without a car) for two nights on business. I need to eat within walking distance of the Doubletree and the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. Any good suggestions? I'm not a steak eater ...

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  1. If you'll eat BBQ, go to Judge Beans on 12th and Porter. Also you could take a cab to Germantown Cafe, Monell's, Margot Cafe.

    1. For lunch, there are a few good places in the Arcade, which is in the middle of the block between 4th and 5th, and Church and Union. The Greek Touch is highly recommended. If you consider 2nd Avenue walking distance, and it's not that far, there are quite a few choices, take a walk and see, or ask your concierge. There are a few other good choices not far from 2nd, on Broadway there is Merchants Cafe, and Jacks BBQ; at 3rd and Commerce there's Demo's. If you like sushi there's Koto on 7th near Commerce and Ichiban on 2nd. Oh, and I forgot Parco cafe, which is in Printers Alley - highly recommended!

      1. I just found out last night that sadly Parco is no longer serving lunch. But it is what I would consider the best place downtown for dinner and could be easily walked to from where you're staying.

        1. There's a Starbucks (or anyway there was late last year) in the lobby of your hotel. A block (or two) away on Charlotte is a meat-n-three call Carolyn's that serves fantastic traditional southern soul food at lunch only. Ask for directions: it's on the street level of the National Baptist Sunday School board building at probably second and Charlotte.
          You're about 3 blocks down Union from Capitol Grille, for my money the most innovative food in town. $35 entrees and $15 wines. The little gem of a bar, the Oak Bar, is a precious, cozy spot. And the hotel is grand old type with a big, comfortable, people-watching lobby and a fire in the fireplace.
          In the downtown library, there's a cafe called Provence, part of a small chain, that has superb sandwiches, coffee, soups, and salads (but I don't think is open at night).
          We like Koto sushi on 7th & Commerce. It's a little rugged-looking outside, but it's good food.
          There are a couple of choices on Second Avenue, but I haven't been to some of them in years --- maybe another 'hound can come to the rescue.