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Nov 14, 2006 01:30 PM

What to try at Ki?

I ambeing taken for lunch at Ki this week on an expense account and would like to know what I shouldn't miss. Have checked the other threads and didn't see anything in particular that lead me in one direction or another.

What's the quality of the sushi? Any not-to-miss appetizers? Understand they mix sushi with more traditional mains. Anything unusual? Can't try it all and would like some direction.

Note that I have spend considerable time in Japan and know my stuff!

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  1. I love their kiwi tuna. The spicy edamame is good. I had yellowtail nigiri that was good as well.

    1. Ki is not traditional Japanese - your time in Japan isn't likely to help you much with the menu, at least with the hot plates. Think PEI Oysters, Canadian Tenderloin, Ontario Lamb, maple glazes, etc.

      I recall some of the signature dishes being pretty good - Tuna tower and ginger butterfish being two that come to mind.


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        just want to ditto on the not traditional japanese comment... it's sushi from a steakhouse chain.

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          sushi from a steakhouse chain ... for suits!

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            and for the suitlovers that show up after work to meet the suits...

      2. and the blonde brigade? :)

        okay, i suggest;
        lemon-coriander Black Tiger Shrimp
        jumbo Black Tiger Shrimp tempura.

        1. I got a 200 gift cert as a gift for this place and am interested as well. Is the sashimi at least good quality?

          1. Ki is a concept - based on the concept coming out of NYC. Think Megu, Koi, Ono, Nobu 57 (as opposed to the orginal) and others. Large resto/bar type places - hyped scene type places - large on the bar crowd. Also realize it is originating from Keg/Hy's management. In that comparison it is not bad. My last experience at Megu was painful - others not so terrible but really Ki is up there.

            Ki's food is somewhat what you expect. Not spectacular but reliable. You can see they are attempting to take the Keg model and take a Japanese/Canadian fusion idea (albacore tuna with maple syrup?) not for me but they tried. It is actually a great place to take a large group of people who have diverse food interests. Their steak is reported to be very good (I dont eat meat). The pork pretty good. Their tempura - pretty good. Raw fish - decent.

            Negatives: price point high. Service: very unreliable, sometimes pretentious relative to their knowledge. Last time I was there the sommelier was completely inadequate.

            For $200 and interested in sushi: unagi, mustu, hamachi & jalapeno special (ask for lime and side of cilantro/the lime cuts the richness). toro - has not been dependable - from ortoro to chutoro. Most of it again is dependable - not inventive. Edamame. Sake.

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              Thanks for the tips, I've found it hard to get really good Toro in Toronto, maybe coming from Vancouver I am slightly spoiled, but oh well. How's the Uni there? Speaking of uni, is there anywhere in Toronto that serves live Uni?