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Nov 14, 2006 12:48 PM

Tofurky-anyone try it?

I bought a small Tofurkey from Whole Foods and wonder if it's any good. It says 100% Vegan. It has some stuff inside the Tofurkey so it takes 1hr 15 min to cook it. It was $9.99 for a small box (which is supposed to serve 4) in the frozen section. Gravy sold separate.

Anyone have any experience with one?


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  1. Marion Kane, food columnist (and former food editor) at The Toronto Star, wrote an amusing piece in January about her family's "Chranukah" dinner. The main course was Tofurky. Judging by her response (and I trust her food critiquing abilities), I would not use the product myself.

    Here's the article:

    1. I used to work at WF and had a little Tofurkey every time holiday season rolled around - it's OK. I actually really like the gravy that comes with it...I forget what else it comes with.

      I'm not vegan, nor do I eat alot of vegan food - the stuff sits like a rock. I'd definitely have something else with it.


      1. I have had it before, and I was not really impressed. What I really like is the Quorn 'roast' log. It is not as pretty as the tofurkey with the stuffing inside, but I think it tastes much better.

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          Yes, the Quorn is eerily turkey like. Pretty good.

          1. re: kate.s

            Quorn is excellent but is not vegan.

          2. we got one a couple of years back for my then-vegan daughter.
            We are all comfortable with the Chinese faux meats, tofu products etc. This was truly gross - no one, including her, would touch it after the first bite. Serve something else instead.

            1. I have. My sister in law fixed one a few years back when she decided her health was jeopardized by hormones in meat. I ate a slice of it (it is an oblong roast). It did not taste at all like turkey. The texture was dense and and it had a funny odor. Maybe that is just what she covered it with. Anyway, it is hard to compete with actual turkeys if they are being served along side. There are just so many better things to offer vegetarian guests who come for holiday meals.