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Nov 14, 2006 12:46 PM


So - a friend of mine who lives in Oshawa wants to do lunch. She doesn't want to come all the way into the city (Toronto) as she doesn't want to have to deal with city driving and parking. I live right downtown and will be taking the TTC to meet her. She'll meet me either at a restaurant, or at a TTC station (etc.). Where should we go for good food outside the city core, that won't require me to be on subways and buses for hours? Sushi, pan-asian, steak, bistro, cafe, etc., are all good, as long as they don't blow the bank. Thanks in advance:).

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  1. How about Millie's Bistro on Avenue Rd.?
    There's also Cuisine of India:
    A pricier - but very tasty - option is Auberge du Pommier.

    1. Sado Sushi (1116 Eglinton West) is open for lunch. It's an amazing new restaurant with a great chef's specialties carte. They also have a special lunch menu. Easy meter parking, or Eglinton West subway station (the restaurant is about 2 blocks east of the station).