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Nov 14, 2006 11:15 AM

Dessert in St. Pete

Where's a good place for dessert in St. Pete? I mean artful, decadent pastries- I know there are several ice cream shops.

And while we're on the subject of St. Pete, tell me about Primi Urban Cafe, Z Grille, and Bella Brava. Can I take a group of 8-10 to those places? What kind of food do they offer? (I can't find much on Primi and Z Grille, Bella Brava has their menu online.)

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  1. I like Z Grille, have eaten there for both lunch and dinner, which are quite different. Lunch is fish tacos etc, but dinner is tablecloths and upscale menu. Can't imagine fitting a group in there, very small. We ate dinner outside on the sidewalk, great fun, and their flatiron steak was wonderful.

    Bella Brava is hot, hip, and beautiful inside. I think you could fit a large party easily there. Service was not good when I went, but it was packed for lunch. Expensive.

    Consider Grattzi, I love their food, and they definitely have several rooms for parties. It's fun to have a cocktail either before or after, right there at Baywalk too.

    1. z grille is really good. but i'd go at lunch when it's cheaper and have their yummy fish tacos. bella brava, like joan says, is good for a big group. the food is not as good as the hip atmosphere is hip. another place that is nice in downtown is Moon on the Water, if not only because it's soooo nice outside right now and they offer outdoor seating.

      I just have no idea about the pastry dilemma. there's a great place in indian rocks but were you hoping for a downtown spot? The Vinoy maybe?

      1. The place next to Redwoods in downtown St. Pete is called the (something) Oyster Bar. The chocolate cake is the absolutely most wonderful piece I ever put in my mouth. If the other deserts are half that good, then this is the place. Plus, it's kinda cool inside.

        1. I've been to Primi several times - they have become my new neighborhood goto place. They were just voted best new restaurant by a local paper (can’t remember which one but they have the article posted in their window). The warm personalities of the owners and excellent food make this a real nice place to bring friends. Having just moved here from San Francisco and being a recovering food snob, I’m tired of the typical fare I’ve found in St. Pete. At Primi, everything is home made and nothing is fried – a welcomed change. The more you go here, the more it's like being with family.

          I've had the curried mussels (to die for) beef salad (very good), fish marsala (excellent), and a special of osso bucco (one of the best my husband ever had). We don't eat deserts so I can't help you with that.

          Call Irene (one of the owners)or better yet, stop by (sit at the bar and order the curried mussels w/a nice S. African white) and talk to her about your large party. You won't be sorry to add this place to your 'must dine' list.

          1. On desserts, I would like to recommend one that is in Tampa. I live in St. Pete but would drive to Mise En Place for one of their desserts.