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Nov 14, 2006 07:38 AM

Microwave Popcorn Tips

I am living in China, where I find that I cannot find brown paper bags that I normally use to pop popcorn in my microwave. I made the mistake of trying to use a plastic container with a plastic-wrap cover (some of the corn kernels actually melted holes through the container), but that clearly won't work long-term. Are there any alterative methods anyone can recommend?

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  1. We have a microwave-safe plastic container with lid we use to pop popcorn. I don't know if you can find this in China easily, but a fairly sturdy plastic tub should be fine as long as it doesn't give off dangerous fumes. Ours works well, we use ordinary popcorn with a few drops of water and microwave for about 3 minutes on high. We usually add some salt and cayenne for flavor.