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Nov 14, 2006 07:28 AM

vegetable desserts?

I have a friend on the candida diet-- no fruit, no grains, no sugar. She's coming for dinner, and I'd love to make some sort of dessert for her. Anybody know any recipes that use vegetables? (I'm sure there are recipes out there that use carrots or sweet potatoes, but can't seem to find any within these restrictions...)

Long shot, I know, but any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Do you have a juicer? Maybe a reduction of a vegetable juice like carrot juice or sweet potatoes could be applied? This IS a hard one. But if she can have sweet potatoes, I'd think a fruit would be ok?

    1. Have you tried doing a search of some vegetarian or vegan cooking sites?
      Avocado ice cream? maybe a frozen yogurt made with some splenda or other sugar substitute?

      1. Maybe look at it from a different perspective and explore the foods that can be eaten on a candida diet and work from there.

        I'm thinking any veggie recipes that can be used for dessert are going to have some sort of sweetener.

        This site has the best info I saw on the foods that can't be eaten and potatoes or starchy veggies are not on the list. It might be a good checklist for the rest of the dinner you are planning ... vinegar is not allowed, for example.

        Well, actually this site goes into REALLY great detail

        Eggs seem to be ok. Stevia but NO other sweetener is ok. Maybe some sort of merangue or mousse could be made? Nuts in the shell are ok except for peanuts and pistachios. Maybe some sort of dessert crepe if that is possible? I'm not sure of the status of butter. Most places say it is ok, but some say no. That could be remedied by using clarified butter or ghee.

        Unsweetened rice or soy milk can be used but read the ingrediant list. Cottage cheese and some yogurt is ok ... but check with your friend ... one person made a mousse with the yogurt and carob powder. Lemons seem ok, so maybe some sort of lemon merangue or mousse.

        This site had the most recipe ideas

        There are a few recipe books out there. You might check Amazon. Sometimes they let you look inside the book where you could scan the index to for ideas or even get a few online recipes. There is a book called "Vegetable Desserts", but I'm guessing sugar is involved. Also here's an article on restaurants making veggie desserts, but again ... sweetened ... maybe you could adapt ... granites or sorbets using fresh herbs like peppermint, sage, cranberry or rhubarb sweetened by sevia.

        Maybe repost as Candida diet desserts - what can I make with these ingrediants?

        Then list some of the ingrediants that would be good in dessert. People are really creative here and you might get some good input.

        Whatever you make, I'd give your friend a call before and check the ingrediant list to see if she is eating that.

        1. How about a sweet potato pie (no added sugar) in a ground-almond crust? Bake & mash sweet potatoes, season with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc and a well-beaten egg or two. Grind almonds or pecans to a powder, mix with a tiny bit of softened butter & press into a pie plate. Top with the sweet potato mixture & some chopped nuts. Bake until the filling sets....

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          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            Good thought but sweet veggies like the carrots and sweet potatoes mentioned in the OP are not allowed.

            However, that nut crust sounds cool and maybe could contain some sort of mousse or merangue type filling.

          2. Maybe go continental and do an awesome cheese plate?

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              No molds or yeasts are allowed. Cows milk is out. Seems like cottage cheese and yogurt may be the only allowable dairy.