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Nov 14, 2006 04:30 AM

QVC Balboa Cakes

Has anyone ever tried these? I saw the eggnog cake being sold this weekend but I was hesitant to order. Any reviews?

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  1. I haven't tried these items, but I'd just like to say that I do use QVC a lot because I don't drive and I like the convenience of delivery. Their quality is very good, they make it very easy to do returns with pre-addressed labels and very simple forms, etc. And they stand behind everything. So, if you have any problems, don't really like what you bought, you would get a refund without question. Obviously, you can't return a food item but you have an unconditional 30 day guarantee and could just call their 800 number to ask how to receive a refund on a food item.

    1. I recently purchased the eggnog chocolate cake and it is very very rich and delicious!
      I cut off my usual quarter of a cake, and could not eat it all. The nutritional information states the cake is to be cut in 1/16 slices. This is plenty for one serving. The slice is 350 calories, but that doesn't matter to a chocoholic like me.
      The cherries are on the bottom, then chocolate cake, then the egg not cream center, then chocolate cake, then covered in the chocolate panache. YUM!

      1. thank you for the review! now i want to try it out :-)

        1. For Christmas we were sent a Balboa Dessert Cinnamon Roll Bread-Pudding OMG it was better than "better than sex" cake!
          Best desert I ever had....