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Nov 14, 2006 04:04 AM

your thanksgiving menu and recipe!

please help me with idea's for turkey day! especially desserts.. recipes are appreciated too! TIA

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  1. Tia-
    I'm rather traditional these days however, for an interesting twist, serve the apple/cranberry relish found at Trader Joe's It's really great. Has a bit of spice to it and could compliment traditional cranberry sauce. Also yummy is a baked brie served w/ Whole Foods fig jam.

    Used to be vegan years back and served vegetarian pot pies for dinner instead of turkey. They were a huge hit. I used regular deep dish pie shells and filled with veges and potatoes. :)KQ

    1. I just posted a link to a wonderful pumpkin pie I'll be making.

      I like to make cranberry sauce from a bag of cranberries since it is so easy and can be done a couple days ahead. I don't have my recipe with me, but it is similar to the basic recipe on the bag except it has less sugar and in addition has a couple of peeled diced granny smith apples and orange zest as well as orange segments (cut from the membrane. I like this without spices but some people like cinnamon, dash of cloves and nutmeg. It can be made to taste.

      1. I love to begin my holiday meal with a soup that can be made in advance. It is easier on the cook and I get rave reviews for my squash soup with truffle oil. This link to Earthbound Farms provides a detailed recipe very similar to mine but I do not add NEARLY that much sugar - I add a tablespoon at the most. Also I don't use the beurre manie, personally I do not care for squash soups that are very thick! But I do add a bit of mace or nutmeg.

        BTW - TIA means 'thanks in advance", that is probably not the OP's name.

          1. This is an apple cranberry chutney I have been making for the last 2 years, it's easy and really really good. Gets a lot of compliments.