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Nov 14, 2006 03:39 AM

What are your favorite spices

I was wondering, what are your favorite spices and how do you use them? i have an addiction to herbs and spices, and yet there are so many that i don't really know what to do with

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  1. I love using tarragon with seared scallops... Sear scallops in a mixture of butter and olive oil. Add a little lemon juice, tarragon, S & P, and a little cream at the end. Simple yes tasty especially served with asparagus spears.

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        I Like almost every spice except for tarragon. I threw out my small jar of it and ripped out out of my garden so that I wouldn't be tempted to put in just a little, if recipe called for it.

      2. Lately I've been finding uses for Penzeys Herbes de Provence with chicken. We used it a while ago when we made pot pies, and last week I added it to a gravy I made with left over chicken for biscuits and chicken gravy. It's also good on beer can chicken.

        Come to think of it, I also used some jerk seasoning on beer can chicken.

        I added some of Penzys Italian Season to sauce and salads.

        Check them on the web and you'll get a catalog with your first order, no doubt. One good thing is that you can buy small quantities of things your not sure about or won't use much of.

        1. I went crazy with rosemary for a few years, but I'm all better now. Garlic...garlic is treated around here almost more as a vegetable than as a seasoning. Thyme and oregano are staples; basil is too, but only in season and used fresh. I got a big jar of dried herbes de Provence from Surfas, and I use that as an addition to the oil-and-salt marinades that I whip up for meat, fowl and fish; it's good with lamb, pork, chicken and mahi-mahi, and we liked it with some ahi tuna as well. That's another one that can be overdone if you don't watch it, though. Cumin is kind of menacing, like someone with a brutal streak he keeps mostly hidden, so I use it with caution, but it's the soul of some Cuban dishes.

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            hey i love cumin-- tempered with cardamom & cinnamon in moroccan cooking, in regional mexican, west indian, east indian regional, and of course cuban. give cumin a chance!

            lately i am adoring fresh jamaican allspice, & powdered chipoltle-- in anything stewed or slow-cooked.

            let's not forget the subtle power of the good, ol fashioned bay leaf!
            tarragon in cream sauce, simple, classic, good
            lavender & lemon peel or lavender & cracked pepper
            truffles buried in good sea salt

          2. Flat leaf Italian parsley is the sine qua non.
            I could make do with salt, pepper, parsley, olive oil and lemon...

            1. I have a little thing going with star anise, and Chinese Five Spice powder (that contains star anise)
              Five Spice into the coating of fried chicken, star anise into pork brines for a lovely undertone flavor...

              I am learning to love cumin in moderation - burned out on it early due to bad cooks!

              Meet cardamon by throwing a few pods in the cooking pot with white rice . . .

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                I had the most delicious cardamon ice cream last night... yum

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                  You might want to order the Kettle Chips party pack so you can try their potential new flavor: Five Spice potato chips.

                  Check out

                  (Besides being tasty, it was a lot of fun to experiment! I preferred Royal Indian Curry but most at my work liked Five Spice better.)