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Nov 14, 2006 03:21 AM

cuisinart or kitchenaid food processor?

My cuisinart food processor has died the final death. My fault.

I've heard the new Cuisinarts and the company isn't what it used to be, so I'm considering buying a Kitchenaid.

Comments? Any experiences good or bad with both the modern product and the companies behind them?


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  1. I haven't done a comparison--I bought a KA because I got a good price, and after 4 or so years of moderately heavy use I like it a lot. The "bowl-in-bowl" feature is very handy and I gather Cuisinart doesn't have an equivalent.

    1. In the current issue of Consumer Reports, they rated 3 KA processors at the top, followed by Cuisinart. I haven't read the full article. It might be worth the effort to get the issue and read the full story. I've always found their ratings to be thoughtful, even when I don't agree with them.

      I have an ancient Cuisinart which is still going strong after 20+ years but I believe the company changed hands during that time.

      1. i thought my brand spanking new kitchenaid was the bomb until i spent a few days at my sister's place using her 10 or 15 year old cuisinart and it just kicked tail. the blade seemed to revolve quicker and the results were better.

        as i said, i love the KA but i have a few minor complaints. the mini bowl which fits inside of the large bowl is handy, but sometimes little bits of whatever is being processed ends up in the large bowl. not a problem per se, but i'm lazy and i hate to clean the large bowl.

        i did use the KA to make pasta dough this weekend for the first time and was very impressed with its performance.

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          I have the same (minor) issue with our KitchenAid - especially when processing liquids, some usually gets into the big bowl. I don't use the small bowl all that often anyhow, although if it didn't leak perhaps I'd use it more - if I'm going to have to clean the big bowl anyways, why dirty the small one too?

          Don't know how it compares to the Cuisinart processors, but I love our KA. It's the only "nice" one I've had/used, but it's very powerful, reasonably quiet, and doesn't smell like it's about to catch fire when left on for a few minutes like my old (cheapo) one. Haven't tried to make dough with it yet, though - did you use the plastic blade thingy for that?

        2. Cooks Illustrated/Ameriac's Test Kitchen did a test and recomended the Cuisinart with dough settings if you did a lot of bread, otherwise the KA.

          I got the KA after my CA died and prefer it. Hated the CA little tube in a big tube feeder, a real PITA to clean