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Where is the Best Produce in Melbourne ?

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I will be spending three weeks in Melbourne this January with nothing to do except hang out with my girlfriend and cook.

I will stay in Balwyn, but will happily venture as far as 34 km for excellent produce. I want cheese, meat, friuts, vegatables, seafood and mushrooms. where to?

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  1. Head into the city and visit Victoria Market. You will find everything you want there. You should be able to get into the city by tram - think it goes to Finders St, then catch the tram up Elizabeth St to the market. It is open on Tuesday, Thursday (6am - 2pm), Friday and Saturday
    ( 6am - 3 pm). It is also open on Sunday (9am - 4pm) but for clothes etc and small amount of food produce.

    1. I second Victoria Market. If you can do it, catch the free tourist bus which will take you around to numerous tourist sites.

      I would also recommend having a cheap eat at the food court at Victoria Market. Not expensive and quite tasty. Sample your way through.