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Nov 14, 2006 02:10 AM

one hour for a nice meal before Amtrak at Union Station tomorrow night?

I had posted the request for a place near my hotel at 11th and E and got the great recommendation of Jaleo which was fabulous (went there tonight). I will try to write up a longer review when I can. But for the immediate future, I am leaving Washington by Amtrak -- a train at 7:30. Any quick but good suggestions between my hotel at 11th and E and the station? I will have about an hour (I'm in a meeting until 4:30 and will up my bags at the hotel around 5) and will have bags with me. I am willing to eat at the station if need be, but if there is really something fascinating (I especially like spicy and challenging cuisine -- loved the tripe and the sweetbreads at Jaleo) I would be pleased to know.


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  1. It's late at night and no one has answered you. So a few suggestions beyond the ones that people made in resonse to your earlier post.
    These are within sight of Union Station.
    In the unit block of E Street, NW, in the Hotel George, you could probably eat at the bar of Bistro Bis in under an hour. People love it or complain about it but I've enjoyed it, especially wild game dishes when they've been on the menu. Good cheese course and desserts.
    Around the corner in the 400 block of North Capital Street, Johnny's Half Shell serves good seafood.
    At the corner of North Capital and F, NW, The Dubliner is an old style Irish Pub with good food.
    If you are running really short on time, there are some unusual offerings in the Food Court at Union Station. Nothing earth-shattering but a far sight better than Amtrak eats.
    Sorry not to have any challenging cuisine but the above have good food and will get you to the train on time.
    Come back soon!

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      1. There's also the bar at Charlie Palmer Steak, only a few blocks away. This time of the year you'll get a great view of the Capitol Dome. And contrary to the name, the non-steak and non-crustacean offerings are pretty good as well.