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Downtown Portland this weekend Looking for some good local chow

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I am going to Portland this weekend for my kids ' irish dance regional championships. We will be dwntn at the embassy suites. Any ideas on local eateries would be great. I tend towards places that have stood the test of time. Not really looking for any modern day food artist chef. Please help. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even dessert

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  1. You don't give us too much information (price range, location, with or without transportationm etc.) so I'll direct your over to Portlandfood.org:


    1. Since you'll be at the Embassy Suites, I recommend Mother's Bistro. It's very close, and quite good. Basically, it's comfort food, so, there will be no surprises.

      Also close by is Lorn & Dotties, a popular breakfast joint that I am partial to.

      1. Are you going to be eating with or without the kids?

        1. Sorry Sean, sometimes its hard to get a straight response on this site...But two places that have stood the test of time and near your hotel are Alexis (Greek) and Dan and Louie's Oyster Bar. For breakfast, the Bijou is great, but there can be a line. All great for kids!

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            Or it could just be that we'd like to give them something they'd be more likely to visit and enjoy, rather than rehash our favorites over and over again, which are available via a simple search anyway on dozens of threads.

          2. Forgot to mention, for dessert, head on over to Voodoo Doughnuts for a unique experience.

            If you like Thai, E-San is excellent.

            If you'd be interested in an Irish bar, Kell's is nearby.

            If you live in the boondocks, and you like steak, Ruth's Chris is an option.

            All of these are within four blocks of your hotel!

            1. I agree with the suggestion of Mothers, on 2nd & Stark.. there will be something for everyone. And breakfast too.
              The Red Star Tavern at the 5th Avenue Suites, great breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
              Typhoon (Thai) is delicious, on SW Broadway & SW Washington..lunch or dinner.
              Or hop on a streetcar on 10th and go into the Pearl to Henrys ( good for families & kids) or
              go to Noodles on NW 10th & Couch for whatever kind of pasta the kids might like..

              1. Karam for middle eastern food on Stark between 3rd and 4th is one of the best in the city.

                Red Star Tavern is a good choice.

                Mother's for breakfast/lunch is a good choice (dinner? eh, not so much
                And the owner's other place, Mamma Mia Trattoria for red sauce/east coast Italian, is practically next door (dinner only).

                Typhoon! isn't a bad choice for asian downtown.

                1. I live in San Diego and hit Ruth's regularly. But i like local normal food when i go out of town. stuff someone's mom would make. That is the food of a city. Art food is not on the agenda.

                  1. Thanks to all who replied. I will gladly report back upon my return. As to searching other old threads, if we all did that the boards would be dead.

                      1. I like Portland alot. The Embassy suites is the old Multnomah hotel. THe place is beautiful inside.

                        I went to the oyster bar the first night. Good food, i like breaded as opposed to battered. Got stuck at the convention center for the next couple days so Burgerville and Starbucks were hit multiple times.
                        THe sweet potato fries at Burgerville were quite good as was the berry shake. The burgers i was not too keen on. Someone had compared them to in n out on another post and i can't more strongly disagree.

                        It was late on Sunday night after the big awards ceremony, I told people I was going to Hubers as it was the oldest restaurant in the city and i heard it was good. My party quickly turned into approximately 45 people. We wheeled into Hubers at about 8:00 and couples were enjoying spanish coffees. In came about 15 adults and here is the kicker, 20 kids. These kids are are eat out kids but they are wild and keyed up from their competition.

                        Hubers was only open in the bar area at this point. They could not have been more accomadating. The patrons were super nice the restaurant staff was great. The food was really good. The cieling is beautiful. Great place i would go there again in a second.

                        Last surprise was flying out on Monday. There were over 30 pre board people on my flight. That is system abuse. By the way i love your light rail system. We were in the free zone most of the trip between embassy and convention center.

                        back to the pleasant surprise, stanfords in the airport has got to be the best airport food i have ever had.