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Nov 14, 2006 02:07 AM

Within an easy walk of the SJ convention center?


I'll be at a conference in San Jose this coming week and I'm looking for tips on low-budget lunches (mains $5-10) and dinners (mains $7-14) within an easy walk (<1 mile) of the conference center. All cuisines are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Are you talking about the SJ Convention Center?

    I think Bo Town is pretty close to the Convention Center, my old post:

    or Dakao Sandwiches-Vietnamese sandwiches and you can eat there too.

    Address and other ideas here:

    Please report back wherever you end up. People always ask and few write back.

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      It is the SJ Convention Center, sorry for any confusion. I can promise a full report when I return. Thanks for your tips.

      1. re: hhc

        I concur with both Bo Town (or Botown, as the big sign outside says) and Dakao. It's interesting that there's this little Vietnamese Chinatown in downtown San Jose, right by the high rises. I think there are some other Vietnamese Chinese places in the same two-block area along San Salvador St. at Second and Third Streets.

      2. Along with the good recs you received for Botown & Dakao, here are a couple other suggestions if you want more:

        Hydration, a boba/pearl drink house with a few lunch items; I've never been but a Chinese friend who works next to the Conv. Ctr really likes their thick shakes and bento boxes. 3 blocks down San Carlos St across from McDonald's.

        Pizza My Heart, across from Hydration (catty-corner from McDonalds). Giant slices of thin-crust cheesy saucy pizza like a cross btw NY style and California style. Cheap & casual. I like it a lot but it's no NY pizza if that's the only kind you like.

        Dac Phuc, a vietnamese noodle shop 4 blocks north on Market St. and 2 blocks west, at 198 W. Santa Clara Street, serves northern style pho with a light but meaty broth and really good rare beef. Their menu is limited but I think their pho is among the best in the Bay Area.

        1. Hi China,

          I think I'll be at the same conference (AAA?) so I'm glad you posted your question. I'm planning on checking these restaurants out too, and I'll post back when I return! Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

          1. This map is sort of handy for locating where all of these spots are.


            1. Just a quick report back:

              Bo Town was alright, but would have likely been MUCH better if the others at my table had been more enthused about ordering vietnamese dishes over the chinese offerings. Braised bean curd with bok choy was very tasty. The catfish in clay pot we ordered never arrived which was disappointing. I'd go back for a second try though given the tasty looking dishes on other tables.

              Tandoori Oven was a hit, the Kofta Curry was particularly tasty and a good time was had by all.

              Never made it to Pizza My Heart or Hydration. I'll keep them in mind though for future conferences.

              Thanks to you all for the tips!