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1 Year Anniversary Romantic Spot Needed

The contenders are Obelisk, Tabard Inn and Palena. Or ???


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  1. I haven't been to Obelisk or Palena, but Tabard Inn is wonderful. I love the atmosphere and the food is great. I would highly recommend it.

    1. My last dinner at Obelisk was disappointing. Regarding the food, while I liked the antipasto course, my biggest memory is that the main course (fish) suffered from languishing under the heat lamp too long. Regarding the service, it languished. There were enormous apses of time between courses, with no one checking in about wine/beverage refills.

      I was surprised and disappointed on both scores . . . .

      1. certainly not Palena! Not because of the food, but there is nothing at all romantic about the setting and service can be spotty. I would suggest Restaurant Eve, Komi, Vidalia or Marcels in a similar price range.

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          I do think that Eve is romantic. In a very cozy way. Even the entrance sets the romantic mood.

          How is La Chamiere (sp?) on the romance scale? It has ben a while since I've been, but I am thinking of the romance of a roaring fire.

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            I think Eve is too crowded and noisy to be romantic. People will overhear every sweet nothing you whisper. But the food is some of the best.

            La Chaumiere is one of my girl friend's favorites. Especially in the winter with the fireplace going. Food is among the best French bistro fare in DC.

            I think Two Quail is very romantic, at least the several very small tables and the small room near the entrance. The food just isn't good enough to recommend it, however.

            Now, if price is no object, the clear winner is the Inn at Little Washington. Food and lodging will run $1K or more but isn't he/she worth it ??!!

        2. I agree that the service, atmosphere and food are great at Tabard Inn (as are the wines and desserts). I also highly recommend it.

          1. I have heard and read that Coeur de Lion is romantic but I have never dined there [a rarity!].

            I have always thought that Old Angler's Inn was romantic. The food is better at Obelisk or Palena [than at Old Angler's Inn] but I don't think of them as romantic.

            I also think Citronelle is romantic, especially if you have one of the tables for two to the sides of the room nearest the kitchen, but perhaps it is my stomach rather than my heart that is overcome at Citronelle.

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              I like Coeur de Lion and think it is very romantic, but I also think that a lot of the appeal was from Ralph Fredricks, the Maitre d'. The man knows how to treat guests, and make an evening special. I remember reading a Sietsema or Kliman piece where Fredericks explained how he helped a guy through dinner who had proposed in CdL but was rejected. Unfortunately, I hear he moved on to Famoso in Chevy Chase.

            2. I know there are a few out there that don't like it, but I think Asia Nora is about as romantic as it gets in the city- very quiet, great service, great food. Also, Vidalia can be wonderful as well.

              1. I find Marcel's to be very romantic.

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                  Yes, especially if you reserve the table for two in the back that is semi-secluded.

                2. Two Quail? The only restaurant I can recall that Tom Sietsema gave zero stars to? And it deserved every one of them. Is it even still open?

                  I have never found either Restaurant Eve or the Tasting Room at Eve to be anything less than quietly hushed and elegant. The well spaced tables, with crisp ironed linens, soft lighting and comfortable seating make it a wonderful location for a rendezvous, clandestine or otherwise. On the other hand, the bar area, which is separated from the dining rooms by a long hall, can get downright raucous, as a good bar will on occasion.

                  Marcel's does have a "special" table for two - ask for it.

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                    I said I thought the ambiance was romantic BUT "The food just isn't good enough to recommend it"

                  2. Thanks all, but we ended up going off the list with Komi. Hope I picked a winner.

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                      The ambiance isn't very romantic but the food is a very clear winner.