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Nov 14, 2006 01:52 AM

Honey brined turkey...with chipotle???

So I've been thinking about adding some pureed chipotle to the brine for the thanksgiving turkey. I'll be smoking it (Alton Brown's recipe) on the grill. Anybody want to talk me out of it? I really can't decide if it is a good idea or not...

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  1. I think its a fine idea. I'll be looking forward to your report. What type of chips do you smoke over? Maybe a little mesquite in the mix?

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    1. re: ghbrooklyn

      I thought I would use a mix. Last year I used whole spices with the wood,(cinnamon, cloves, cumin, star anise.)I may try that again.

    2. that actually sounds really good. an idea i might try out sometime.

      1. I think it might work, but you'd have to have a lot to make a difference given the volume of brine solution. I think I'd make a rub or butter and apply it directly to the turkey instead to give it more flavor.

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        1. re: cheryl_h

          I was thinking about using a whole can. I'm only smoking an 8 pounder.

          1. re: birddogfoodie

            If you go ahead, will you please post the results? I've never tried adding more than just the basics to my brine. I'd love to know if you get chipotle flavor through the meat.

        2. BTW, I'd recommend NOT using chips - use chunks. They last longer of course and I never even have to soak them. Soaking = soot and while we're following Alton's advice here: "soot is not a valid flavor!" ;-) Try dry chunks, you'll be surprised! I promise.

          1. Sounds really good, i'd like to be invited.