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Nov 14, 2006 01:50 AM

Prince Albert SK, desserts

well, i have to say, all the posts on this website deal with big cities and rarely with places the rest of us can go to.ARE there any good restaurants in small towns? And so, Enter Prince Albert, another small city, with no FOOD! the only place i could recommend is Shenanigans, they have a very limited menu, different every day, although usually quite good, the desserts however are spectacular, the owner being a pastry chef. hazelnut cremem torte is to die for.
Haven't been there in a while so maybe its gone downhill, i couldn't tell you. but if any chowhound ever has the misfortune of being stuck in PA for any length of time, your only other choices include venice house, a multitude of fast food and a BP. Oh and Zorbas greek. not too bad, but not too good either.

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  1. If you are headed to (or thru) Prince Albert, another great place to try is Amy's - although a reservation may be required. I was just there last week and had an amazing ribeye with an espresso au jus - delicious! You wouldn't suspect that the location would offer up much in the way of good food, but it is a very pleasant surprise.

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      I just had lunch at Shananigans in Prince Albert, SK today. I ordered the montery jack and asparagus stuffed chicken with baby potatoes (sounds great doesn't it). The chicken was extremely salty and stuffed with some kind of ham-like meat with sundried tomatoes. When I told the lady about the mix-up she apologized and told me that I must not be used to eating that type of meal. Make no mistake, she understood that this was not the meal I ordered. I ate my vegetables and part of the awful tasting chicken. I now see why you have to pay for your meal before you get it. I feel cheated, hungry and unsatisfied! Food is pre-cooked and then microwaved...a terrible dining experience!

    2. shananigans for dessert, i guess, but we were preached to when we were there... made us uncomfortable.

      Amy's??? I have only been there twice and both times the food was so salty as to be inedible. I sent it back and was not offered a refund.... I just refused to pay and left. Both times... same thing.

      Zorba's is OK, but EXPENSIVE.

      Venice House is good. Pizza if very good, pasta is good. Friday night prime rib is good.
      DO NOT order pizza from VH on 2nd... ONLY on Central. 2nd ave VH burns the pizza every time..... I mean EVERY TIME!

      I like the 'Saigon River' for Viet food...

      and there is an Asian restaurant just north of Grainfields that is pretty good.

      Also, Vu's at Carlton Court is not bad.

      Stay away from Star House