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Nov 14, 2006 01:29 AM

Substitute for cool whip?

There are several pie recipes I'd like to make that call for cool whip, but there is no cool whip in Ecuador that I can find. Can I substitute whipped cream, or will the results be wacky?

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  1. Cool Whip is nasty. Use real whipped cream.

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      Real whipped cream would work if used on top of the pie. But if the pie is one of those that uses cool whip as the base, for example an pseudo key lime that mixes lime juice with cool whip, whipped cream probably will not work.

      The real key lime pie should be easy to make in Ecuador, since it uses sweetened condensed milk and eggs, both of which are available.

      In Ecuador, you probably will be frustrated if you use recipes that call for off-the-shelf convenience foods. Recipes from an old cookbook (pre-canned mushroom soup days), or a newer one that returns to the basics, should be easier to use.


    2. I agree.... it's worse than nasty!! I can't consume anything with Cool-Whip & substitute whipping cream in any recipe that calls for Cool-Whip. The results should be even better!

      1. I think most of those pie recipes won't work with whipped cream - it will collapse. CoolWhip is made from corn syrup, oil and a lot of chemicals so that it stays (probably forever) fluffy. Pretty icky.
        You could probably use a basic chiffon recipe which uses gelatin, milk and eggs. It makes a pretty stable, neutral foam that you can fold other ingredients into. You'd get the same effect sans chemicals. Probably taste better too.

        1. use real whipped cream and add a packet of Whip-It from Dr. Oketer. It is basically a whipped cream stabilizer made with cornstarch. You could also soften some plain gelatin and whip thzt into your cream tp help it hold.

          1. Have you looked at the SuperMaxi to see if there is any local product that is similar to CoolWhip? Sometimes there are Columbian or Chilean products in local store that are similar but with different brand names. There was also a dry product called Dream Whip that might by available but it may not be as stiff as CoolWhip.
            Also check the local crema de leche if you decide to try that. It is different from American whipping cream and not always the same from container to container.
            It's a real challenge cooking there when you try to use US recipes. As Paulj said, it's best if you try to stick to basic foodstuffs. And even they are different. The sugar is completely unlike US sugar and changed all my baking recipes. Not to mention the altitude! But it's a fabulous place and I enjoyed living there.

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              thanks for all your advice!! i hope your thanksgiving is wonderfully tasty!