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404 - Page Not Found

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I got this message earlier today when trying to go to older posts on the Hot Posts Board and now on the Cookwares Board when trying to "Mark All As Read."

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  1. I'm getting it too. I'm using Firefox.

    1. I got it too, after choosing "mark all read" on the Boston board.

      1. Still getting that message when I click "older" on the Hot Posts Board.

        1. This is happening to me too.

          1. It's fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.

            1. I don't think it's fixed...I just got it when I clicked "older" on the Hot Posts Board.

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              1. re: bacchus

                Right. Marking the hot posts as read is working, but the older link doesn't work. Is the Feedback: Report Problems board or this board the right place to report this stuff?


                As reported above, you can work around it manually by NOT hitting the older link, but following the board number by

                And then upping the page number to go to the next page.

                For example this is page 1 of the All of Chowhound hot posts board. Followed by an example about geting to topic 41 on the LA board.


                1. re: bacchus

                  You're correct, it's now actually fixed :-)