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Nov 14, 2006 01:19 AM

Best choices in Long Island City?

A friend of mine just moved to L.I.C. and I thought I'd get him some tips from trusted Chowhounds. What are the best bets? He lives on Vernon near 46th St - I think. Well, he lives near the LIC Bar.

Did a search, but they're pretty outdated, so thought I'd try a fresh post.

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  1. Tournesol is excellent, very highly recommended.

    1. Manducati is a fantastic old-style Italian American, just down the street from PS1 on Jackson Avenue.

      Highly recommended.

      - Sean

      1. second Manducati's and Tounesol--

        I head to the nabe just to eat at both.

        Don't forget Bella Via for coal oven Pizza 46 vernon blvd

        and Manetta's for wood oven pizza and other assorted goods10-76 jackson ave.

        1. whatever happened to lic cafe? i thought that place was really really good. they closed up shop? i think i heard they were focusing on catering this true?

          1. The new wine bar next to Tournesol is pretty cute. The cheese plates and oysters are not fabulous, but for the neighborhood, pretty decent.
            I would like prices to be a touch lower, but it's not a major deterrent.

            Lounge 47 has a pretty cheesy atmosphere, and sometimes the music's too loud, but their food is generally decent. Until last visit, their tuna burger had always been a favorite (last time it was mostly filler, a little tuna, and not very tasty). Decent salads, etc.
            I really like Hunters Point Wines. The owner is super nice and friendly. They have a large selection of inexpensive wines and do tastings every Wednesday - Friday. I usually go to Vine if I'm looking for a very specific suggestion and to Hunters Point if I'm just stocking up.