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Feb 8, 2005 07:18 PM


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Dear Chowhounds,
I am looking for Penn.Dutch Scrapple. Safeway has a frozen OK brand,but I am looking for something better and or fresher.
Thanks for your help in advance

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  1. Bette's Oceanview Diner on Fourth Street in West Berkeley has it on their menu.

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      Robert Lauriston

      How is a topic for the Home Cooknig board, but scrapple's as easy to make as polenta.

      1. Bette's Oceanview does have scrapple on the menu as part of its Philadelphia breakfast, it's true, but theirs consists largely of fused chunks of flaked pork rather than the real PA version of pulverized, sage flavored mystery meat. The 16 oz. blocks of Habbersett's found at Safeway are in my experience the best you can get around these parts, though they're remarkably inconsistent in quality for pre-packaged food. And cooking it at home allows you to properly cut slices to the desirable .5" thickness so that you can get the proper dark brown layer of hardened scurf on the outside while still maintaining the light, almost whipped center. If you do find it on an menu around here, it most likely won't be cooked long enough. PA Dutch scrapple, properly cooked, should look like something you'd scrub your sink with.