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Nov 14, 2006 01:03 AM

instant yeast

am i an idiot? or am i missing something? I cannot find this in my grocery store! in NYC. Can someone please tell me where to buy instant yeast, and I mean exactly where!

Thank you in advance

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  1. Usually in the baking supplies section in little envelopes. Fleischmann's Instant Dry Yeast. Usually 3 envelopes attached together. Sometimes its clipped to the shelf. Ask someone, all supermarkets carry it.

    1. Or you can buy a pound of SAF instant at Whole Foods for about the same price as two "sets" of those little packets. Keeps quite well for a very long time in the freezer.

      1. I second SAF. Fleischmann's makes a vaccum-packed instant yeast much like SAF, but it is not that easy to find(I bought it today at a Kosher supermarket in Boro Park). The Fleischmann's instant or non-proofing yeast that is widely available is called "Rapid Rise." Not all supermarkets carry it - some only carry instant dry yeast, which must be dissolved in 110o water before being added to dry ingredients.

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          I think you mean "active dry yeast" which must be proofed (though I actually don't always do it and it has always worked fine). Instant, is, well, instant.

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              I found Saf Instant yeast at Whole Foods Market. Thanks.

          1. I bought it yesterday at the Red Hook Fairway, but it was hard to find, up on an unmarked high shelf near the birthday candles and decorations.

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              Thank you for posting this! I swear it took me 3 visits there until I could find the regular yeast.

            2. I buy a HUGE package of Fleischmenns vac-packed instant yeast at Sam's Club. It costs around $3.00 is always available and at the rate we need to use it for the no-knead bread will last years. I store most of it in the freezer and have never had a prob. with it. Easy to find, easy to use and cheap!