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Nov 14, 2006 12:55 AM

Best Place to watch a Football Game - Berkeley/Oakland...elsewhere

Hey so where do you guys think is the best place to watch a football game (Cal v. USC) this Saturday? The criteria are:

1) decent/large TVs to watch
2) decent food (nothing special but not bad or overpriced)
3) a jolly crowd would be nice

The previous list, from another thread reviewed some places:

A summary goes something like this:

Pyramid Ale House - they don't play sound
Luka's - small TVs
Pacific Coast Brewery - average TV setup, hard to watch
Triple Rock - seems hard to watch there
Kip's - if I were 20 y.o. and didn't mind grease and stickiness

Barclay's - never been, not sure of the TVs
Ricky's in San Leandro - never been, heard mixed reviews
Flat Iron in San Rafael - old guy bar?

Thanks - ML

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  1. my friends and i have been looking for a place like in the berkeley/oakland area for years and we still haven't found it.

    willie mays sky box lounge opened a few months back in emeryville, but i have not had a chance to check it out yet.

    ricky's in san leandro is always good for watching sports, some greasy food though.

    1. Raleigh's on Telegraph isn't bad, but it will be very crowded this Saturday.

      1. In downtown Berkeley, Looney's BBQ on Bancroft and Fulton is a great choice. They've got a great sports-bar feel with lots of TVs, and being new and all, it wasn't crowded at all right before last Saturday's game. There are a few threads already on this board about the food at Looney's.

        Other places around there are kind of iffy for game watching.
        Bear's Lair, Henry's, Raleigh's (mentioned), Kip's (mentioned) - all probably crowded on Saturday.
        Beckett's, Jupiter's - probably less crowded and have menus, but do they have TVs? Not sure...

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        1. re: Agent 510

          Beckett's has TVs, a few really big ones, actually, I forgot about them. Jupiter does not.

        2. Duh duh duh! I was going to say "Not the Oakland Coliseum" Hardeehar

          Lots of folks watch games at a bar on Grand (The Golden Bear?) It's on the Lake side of Grand next door to a Chinese Restaurant and a block or two toward the Grand Lake Theater from Perkins St.

          1. Thanks for the recommendations. Willie's Skybox and Looney's sound like real possibilities. I'll have to scout these places or have someone else do so.

            Any other recs still welcome.