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Nov 14, 2006 12:54 AM

Mariposa Ice Cream in San Diego

We had the greatest ice cream at Mariposa the other day, the Banana Walnut. It was the perfect balance between the two flavors. We also took home their pumpkin flavor it was great too.

They were rated #1 ice cream in San Diego Magazine and they have a story in IN STYLE, it turns out that the lead actress in Veronica Mars likes to go there when they film in the area.

Dick and Anna, the owners, not only make the ice cream they also serve it, their product is never less than perfect. They are as far from corporate as you can get. They change their menu and also offer seasonal flavors when the product becomes available.

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  1. Mariposa is great, but I think Oasis is better still. If you're an ice cream enthusiast, you should definitely check them out.

    1. And Mariposa is where in San cream is a food group, I need the address!

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      1. re: DiningDiva

        Mariposa Ice Cream
        3450 Adams Ave
        San Diego, CA 92116
        (619) 284-5197
        Between Mansfield St and Hawley Blvd

      2. I love Mariposa, and pumpkin and walnut are really, really good. I have been disappointed by their chocolate ice-cream in the past.

        1. Mariposa is in our neighborhood, I'm ashamed to say it is our most frequent dining destination, but my wife can't resist the strawberry ice cream for a quick dessert. Considering how much work Anna and Dick put into each their creations, the variety of flavors available is astonishing, and the prices are cheap. I think the fruit flavors are often the best; they tend to make them with a large proportion of whole fruits.

          But I have been happy with the chocolate as well; those who prefer gelato or french-style ice creams made with egg custard bases may not be as pleased by the Mariposa's cream base.

          I haven't made it down to Oasis to compare.

          1. Joseph - I know this is kind of old, but I just saw it. If you're close to Mariposa, then you're also close to our old favorite taco shop - Rolobertos, in the little strip mall next door. I used to love to pull in there, place my order, and run over to Mariposa (before they closed at 8) for a pint - half peanut butter and chocolate and half mint chip. I know it sounds gross, but those were my two favorite flavors!

            Rolobertos has the best rolled tacos in town in my experience, and they make a good carne asada burrito. The carnitas can also be good, if a little greasy. We went there when we lived in Normal Heights and Kensington. (My engagement ring even came from one of their vending machines!) Since we migrated East we have found a place that's almost as good (Saritas in Casa de Oro) but it's just not the same. *sigh!*

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            1. re: Alice Q

              Hi Alice.
              We've only been to Rolberto's once (note only one "O"), and we were not too impressed. I think we ordered a CAB (carne asada burrito) and a vegetarian burrito. We should have waited at Mariposa as you suggest; it's not a pretty place and the food took a while to arrive.

              Both burritos were little too greasy and low in flavor for our taste, and the salsa was thin and weak. My wife is from Phoenix and I'm from Northern California, so the CAB is not what I grew up with. I had higher hopes for her vegetarian burrito, but there was not much flavor going on there, and nothing had that fresh, just-made taste.

              I've had better luck at some Roberto's locations (on El Cajon and near Kaiser) for San Diego style food, but I think I prefer more traditional places and taco joints like El Cuervo and El Zarape. Perhaps we should give Rolberto's another try; rolled tacos are not my favorite but they can be a nice treat, and I'm always looking for better carnitas.

              You should post the engagement ring story on your blog!

              1. re: Joseph

                Okay, this will either get my credentials as a Mexican food fan revoked or jeered off the board. When I worked in Mission Valley, I would occasionally stop into the Sombrero's over by Party City and K-Mart/Sears for their rolled taco lunch special. It was something like 5 rolled tacos (also known as taquitos, tacos doradoes or even flautas), decent guac and beverage for something like $3.99. They weren't bad at all and made a pretty good vehicle for getting the guacamole ;-)

                1. re: DiningDiva

                  I read Chowhound on Google reader most of the time, now that the full posts are on the feed, but it doesn't include the name of the author. Imagine my surprise to click through and find that none other than the Dining Diva wrote this recommendation. That was a minor paradigm shift.

                  Hey, those rolled/fried tacos can be tasty. There's nothing like the combination of fried corn, tomato and avocado.

                  I think the biggest hit I ever had for a potluck was a simple dish of guacamole made with ripe local avocados, with store-bought (Henry's) chips.

                  At El Zarape this afternoon, we stood around for 15 minutes with a small crowd of hungry folks, all waiting for the green tomatillo/avocado sauce to be replenished at the salsa bar. That stuff is addictive.

                2. re: Joseph

                  That's really funny, I always thought it was Rolobertos! I would swear that I saw that on their menu or somewhere. Hmmm. Anyway - you know what I'm talking about! The burritos always did vary a bit, and if you like the food a bit lighter and fresher - I can see why you'd prefer El Zarape. I don't know how you'd like the carnitas - they always varied a lot, probably depending on who made them. Sometimes they were slightly crisp and chunky but still falling apart (the way I prefer) and other times they sort of shredded and greasy.