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Nov 14, 2006 12:35 AM

Connie's - Richmond Hill

Connie's, a red sauce italian has long been closed, but they existed for many years with their signature dish "Fried Ziti". Has anyone who remembers Connie's found that dish at any other restaurant?

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  1. Oh, what I wouldn't do for a plate of that fried ziti!...that and some dessert from Mondello's.

    1. I came to this board just to see if Connie's was still around! I lived in Kew Gardens in the mid 80's and we used to make the several block walk over to Connie's for their fried ziti at least once a month. I remember always having a long wait for a table, and it was BYOB. I loved that place and am sad to hear it is gone...

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        Please describe this dish to me, I want to know what you're talking it anything like fried ravioli? Or is it like what is described at this link, and it's called Connies???

        As an aside, you might want to check out the Italian deli Sorriso in Astoria, because they make it fried ravioli (but it's breaded) in their to go section, and it actually heats up great...along with the best eggplant parm on this earth that they have. An old world place with old world service,

        1. re: janie

          That sounds like the Ziti they served at Connie's. I wonder if the recipe is named after the restaurant? I have tried breaded fried ravioli and love it...wish I lived close to Astoria and I would definitely pick up some to go. But I am way down South now and miss the NY food : ( I saved the recipe and am going to try it soon.

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            Just found this interesting thread on Connie's, with a recipe from the grandson.


            1. re: riverwood

              Check out this video demonstrating how to make the Famous Fried Ziti!

              1. re: Eppy

                that's great! I actually make something similar, didn't know it had an actual origin---most of my cooking is inspired by Gilligan's Island--I make interesting use of what I have around!
                And Richmond Hill today, could certainly use a great Italian Restaurant--Forest Hills, and Kew Gardens too.....there's a place in Pompano Beach, FL I went to called Gianni's--fantastic food like this!

        2. Years ago the recipe appeared in the Tablet
          I have it if anyone is interested