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Nov 14, 2006 12:25 AM

Kosher Food in Plainview Long Island

There is a kosher butcher in Plainview (Long Island, NY) called Kosher Food Emporium that has a small, but good takeout department. They have good entrees like chicken marsala, hawaiian chicken, wasabi chicken, and other types of dishes. In addition, they have a nice asortment of side dishes. They will heat up the food for you if you request.

Hunki's (one of the original owners) has a pizza place in Plainview that is superior to Hunki's in West Hempstead.

Plainview is located not too far from Huntington, Hicksville, Bethpage, etc.

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  1. There is also a kosher bakery , Pearl's, on Manetto Hill Road in the same shopping center as Fairway. Fairway has a lot of packaged kosher foods, including baked goods, prepackaged prepared foods, Israeli products, etc. Shoprite on Woodbury Road has a glatt kosher butcher section, with chicken, chopped meat, steaks, etc. as well as other kosher food.

    1. Inky, I think that the Shoprite is on South Oyster Bay Road and Woodbury Road. Fairway also has packaged Kosher meat under rabbinical supervision in Plainview. Also, there is a Trader Joe's in Plainview.

      1. Kosher Food Emporium is wonderful and the Larrys (Larry the Elder and Laurence) will work with you, your menu, and your recipes! They have a website - - so you can check it out (even though it's approximately 4 1/2 years after these postings).

        Also, there are two Shop Rites: one is at 444 Woodbury Road (intersection of South Oyster Bay Road), and the other at 1054 East Old Country Road, which is just west of Kosher Food Emporium.

        Happy (kosher) eating.

        1. There's a glatt kosher deli/caterer in Merrick called Snachbars. Its on Merrick Road. Maybe 15 minutes from Plainview -- just shoot straight down the Seaford Oyster Bay.

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          1. re: emjay815

            I was so excited to hear about a new kosher place that I immediately googled it, and came up with a 2225 Jerusalem Ave. (just west of Bellmore Ave.), North Merrick address. One and the same?

            A long time ago there was a Sheppy's in Merrick on Merrick Rd., which relocated to a place on Beach Drive, just south of Merrick Road and somewhat west of its prior location. I seem to remember that the main focus was off-premises catering, but I don't know whose hashgacha it was under, or whether it is still there.

            1. re: Piffle18

              Sheppy's is closed; I don't think it ever had hashgacha. Wonder what Snachbars is??

              1. re: Lissy63

                this is what it says on Snachbars Facebook page.

                Under Kashruit Supervision of
                R' B. Mandel
                Glatt Kosher

                does any one know who he is?

                also, Is there any seating or is it takeout and catering only?

                1. re: susiejane

                  The current owners brought the business from Sheppy a few years ago. Its take out, deli, and kosher catering. Hope that helps.